Boinx Mouseposé 2 now speaks for itself

Boinx Mouseposé 2, the new version of the Mac OS X tool for highlighting your Mouse during presentations and for helping you find your Mouse pointer on large screens, now speaks for itself. Literally. Using AppleScript and Speech technologies, Mouseposé 2 takes you on a tour of itself. The Talkthrough feature can also be used to create self running demos or trainings of other applications with AppleScript support. Mouseposé 2 also adds a start/stop animation and a blurred edge for even more elegant presentation and visualisation of Mouse clicks.

Mouseposé 2 can! Listen and watch as Mouseposé 2 takes you on a tour of itself, highlighting the most important switches and settings and showing you what it can do. Based on AppleScript and Speech technologies, these ‘Talkthrough’ tours can be created by anyone for any application that supports AppleScript for demo or training purposes.

One of the most important aspects of presenting is for an audience to be able to follow what the presenter is doing. Clicking the mouse is usually easily missed, so Mouseposé 2 now visualizes the mouse clicks by drawing a red circle (or two or three depending on the number of mouse clicks) around the mouse. Of course there is a hotkey for turning this off when it is not needed.

A good presentation tool should help keeping the flow going. The smooth start/stop animation in Mouseposé 2 is not only raising the audience’s attention, it simply looks very good. And the adjustable smooth edge ads a certain touch.

Boinx Mouseposé 2 is available for download immediately as an Universal Application from the website License keys are available at US$ 9.95 via the built-in Kagi Store. Until a license key is installed, Mouseposé 2 works for 5 minutes for evaluation purposes at each programm start.

More info and download link here.

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  1. I agree with Mac Zealot but without the sarcastic overtones. I don’t have time to read all the news sites. Trying to stay up with politics and Apple is pretty tough.

    As far a mousepose 2… I think I like omnidazzle better but I haven’t decided.

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