Leopard attack on Vista: Apple taunts Microsoft with much faster operating system launches

“In 2004, when Apple Computer showed off its latest ‘cat,’ Tiger, it couldn’t help but taunt Microsoft,” John Boudreau reports for The San Jose Mercury News.

Boudreau reports, “The Redmond, Wash., software giant was working on its long-awaited next-generation Windows operating system, Vista, known then as ‘Longhorn.’ During Apple’s annual developer’s conference in San Francisco, when its Tiger operating system was unveiled, the company jabbed at its mighty competitor with posters that read: ‘Redmond, start your photocopiers,’ ‘Introducing Longhorn’ and ‘Redmond, we have a problem.'”

“In roughly the same time frame that Microsoft has labored over Vista — its predecessor, Windows XP, was launched in 2001 — Apple is on the verge of rolling out its fourth Macintosh operating system,” Boudreau reports. “Microsoft, meanwhile, has delayed the release of Vista until early next year.”

“Critics and analysts credit Apple for its ability to continually innovate ahead of its much bigger rival. But unlike Microsoft, Apple has the advantage of controlling every level of the computing experience by making the hardware, as well. Apple can also keep the competition guessing until the last minute because, as a consumer-focused company, it does not have to show its hand until it wants to,” Boudreau reports. “Apple has created its own ecosystem. And its ability to continually create elegant products gives it an influence that far exceeds its relatively small size in the computing world. That’s why a new Mac operating system stirs up a buzz, from the blogosphere to Redmond.”

Apple plans to unveil its newest operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, at August’s World Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.”‘It’s going to be really exciting,’ Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg said. ‘This is going to be Leopard’s coming out party,'” Boudreau reports.

“‘There will be another round of, ‘Why can’t Microsoft get Vista out?’ which Microsoft would just assume [sic] not happen,’ said Greg DeMichillie, senior analyst with Directions on Microsoft, an independent research organization. ‘It’s a bit of an embarrassment for the company,'” Boudreau reports.

Boudreau reports, “Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty believes Apple’s new operating system will put pressure on Microsoft. ‘Apple has been delivering compelling upgrades every 12 to 18 months since 2001,’ he said. ‘During that time, Windows XP has had a Service Pack, and that Service Pack has been more about fixing problems.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Vista’s so late that even Apple’s jokes hardly work anymore.

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  1. Reality Check… calling Reality Check… your order of crow is ready. For your dining pleasure we’re providing teriaki, Tabasco or pickapeppa sauce. Don’t worry about the check, we Mac users will pick up the tab.

    …And don’t forget your humble pie for dessert.

  2. Ron, I think that they are using the statement ‘Why can’t Microsoft get Vista out?’ as an event, and I think that they meant “as soon” and not “assume”. So, the statement could be written as “I think that there will be another round of doubt, which Microsoft would just as soon not happen.”

  3. Another rarely mentioned factor is levels of obsolescence. When Vista finally releases, XP will quickly become obsolete. Meanwhile, one could still be running Panther and get along quite well. Your are not “forced” to upgrade
    OS X with every release (not to mention the
    hardware implications).

  4. You are all so blind it’s embarassing. The power and fury of VISTA will completely decimate any pathetic launch of yet another stupid cat that no one uses. Think Different, my ass. More like, think back when the Stones were used for the launch of Windows 95, you turds. That blitz was HUGE … and this one will be too, Mactards. Your puny little CrApple ad budgets won’t stand a chance against the Microsoft marketing juggernaut. Dorks. Run all the stupid, annoying, holier-than-thou, prima donna Mac vs. PC ads you want to .. you sloths and you’re candy-Apple operating system will be BURIED!

    And no one gives a shit about buying an overpriced CrAppleTacular box to run VISTA when they can do it for half the price ona REAL PC. So do us all a favor in real computer user land: Shut down this website, change it’s name to VISTADailyNews, and give the money back to the Mac-loser investors. Cuz you’re all gonna need it to pony up the dough for your copy of a REAL OS … VISTA!

  5. Ron asked

    “> ‘Why can’t Microsoft get Vista out?’ which Microsoft would just assume not happen,’ said Greg DeMichillie,>
    What kind of English is this? California schools English?”

    Yeah, that is California English. Where you go to get a $19 answering machine and they have Spanish on it. Where we want to give illegal immigrants licenses (what about the proof of insurance that is required to drive? huh?). Where every ballot for elections are in English and Spanish. I can remember when they were not, and I’m only 30.

  6. Reality Check, did you take your Meds today? Or did you get that check in the mail today for being a Microsoft shill?

    And Chris, I’m with you man. Things are messed up in California.

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