RUMOR: ‘Charts’ spreadsheet software coming to Apple iWork in ‘07

“For its third birthday, Apple’s iWork productivity suite will see the addition of a third application,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “Currently dubbed Charts, the software is planned for iWork ’07, which will likely be released in January, in keeping with Apple’s previous iWork annoucements.”

“Sources say Apple is not planning on positioning Charts as a competitor to Microsoft’s Excel, but rather as a more consumer-friendly spreadsheet application that can handle the needs of home users and small businesses,” Katz reports.

“Charts will support importing and exporting Excel formatted documents, as well as legacy AppleWorks spreadsheets, and Apple is hoping the performance of Charts will at least rival that of Excel, sources report,” Katz reports.

More details in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacademiaNut” for the heads up.]

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  1. What does he mean “Apple is hoping the performance of Charts will at least rival that of Excel” In speed? I’ve never been bothered by a spread sheet app being too slow or laggy. I wish quattro would stop crashing on me though. So does that mean it will be as stable as Excel, which I don’t use often so I don’t know how stable it is. Or does that mean have the features of Excel, when just a paragraph above it was saying that it wasn’t meant to compete with Excel? Sorry if you think I’m being nitpicky but I don’t like it when people write things that say nothing.

    MDN word: earlier, as in If I hadn’t stopped to write a stupid quote using the MDN word I could have posted this earlier.

  2. Jay, I agree with you.
    Excel has been stable in my hands… No complaints. Can’t say the same about the open office counterpart.

    This is just a rumor…

    Can anybody remember an Apple-related rumor that came true lately?

  3. “Apple is not planning on positioning Charts as a competitor to Microsoft Excel”. That’s code for it will be just as good as Excel but Apple won’t say that. They should just rename it — itWorks!

  4. The next turf Apple needs to conquer will be the office…and the living room. They are very well positioned for the living room. iThink they will drop a bomb in that arena for Christmas. The office space is gonna be a long, tough mission.

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