Apple’s new ‘whine-free’ MacBook Pro logic board

“Last week I received a new revision of the logic board that actually got rid of all whine! According to my service provider that did the repair this revision was brand new, only a few days old,” Rickard Almqvist reports over on MacInTouch.

“With the new logic board Apple also sent new installation DVDs needed to make a new install with the new logic board. They contained 10.4.6 instead of 10.4.5 that the computer was delivered with,”Almqvist reports. “I took a picture of Apple’s letter. To summarize: The new logic board got rid of all whine!”

Transcript of relevant portion of Apple’s letter:
New version MLB installed. While repairing your MacBook Pro, Apple installed a different version of the Main Logic Board (MLB).

MacDailyNews Take: So, stop yer whinin’!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]

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  1. Intel powered Mac Book Pro, Mac Book, iMac, Mac mini, new education iMac, solution for Mac Book yellowing, solution for Mac Book Pro ‘whine’, solution for battery overheating, etc.

    Boot Camp, Parallels and Codeweaver.

    I’d say Apple has virtually completed a major transition in short order, and in exemplary fashion.

    This explains Apple’s new aggressive advertising, pricing and distribution agreements. Apple is taking the gloves off and going after share.

    If you haven’t bought in, don’t complain that you missed the boat.

  2. >>>The first Mac Commandment: Thou shalt not buy a revision A!!!

    This observation is true of most products, not limited to Apple or Macs. Early adopters are the first mass testers, so they will find the weaknesses. Moving from prototypes to mass production can often introduce a problem that wasn’t seen in the original development.

  3. I just got off the phone w/ AppleCare and they said that this possibly is a firmware update and not a new motherboard. If this is true or false I don’t know, and would like to know if they are going to replace all the “whine”-y MacBook Pro’s with this new version.

  4. I gave up Apple laptops after my first two losers. I am Apple desktop user – period.
    It seemed like a total crapshoot with the laptop whether one got a good one.
    My first one went through two logic boards, three keyboards, lots of ram replacment, two processors. Totally turned me off on them.

  5. Desktops are a much much better longterm value, best price for performance and expandability options.

    What we need is a very small Mac notebook/PDA combination, all Flash based, no hard drive, no cd drive, one cool processor or a very slow and cool dual core. No external monitor support.

    Combined optical digital and analog outputs and a firewire 400 port for connecting to mother Mac at home using iSync/ T booting. USB port for flash drives.

    This way it can satisfy the needs of most mobile folks and the heavy lifting can be done back at the hefty desktop machine with Quad processors.

  6. Finally… I’ve been waiting for this news! Now as soon as I can go without my computer for a week (LOL, never) I can loose the high-pitched screeching sound. In the meantime, “QuietMBP” is saving my sanity, at the cost of 20 minutes of battery life.

    It’s not a “whining sound” at all, but a high-pitched screeching sound.

    The only whining I’ve heard is coming from the fan boys who complain whenever folks speak up about valid defects in Apple hardware.

  7. This reminds me of the “white spots” issue in PowerBook G4 screens a year or two ago. Tons of people, including me, watched in dismay as their display developed 4 big ugly white spots. Folks in these forums were like “I’ll bet these complains were planted by Microsoft!” or “quit whining!”. Apple acknowledged the problem and developed a fix after a few months, and I got my PowerBook fixed under warranty.

    The discoloration of the MacBooks is yet another valid defect that Apple is addressing.

    There is no need to attack people who get problematic Apple hardware; they are frustrated enough already. It would be cool if the Mac fans in here would be more supportive of their own kind.

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