Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews are taking the day off to hang out with family and friends, hopefully see the first Independence Day space shuttle launch (scheduled for 2:38pm EDT), watch fireworks, and celebrate Independence Day (United States).

If you’re celebrating today, too, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth. To everyone else, we thank you for visiting MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews!

We will resume our regular Apple-, Mac-, and iPod-related news coverage on Wednesday, July 5th.

MacDailyNews Note: Click for The Declaration of Independence.

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  1. >Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony, DKNY, Levi Jeans and many more are just as guilty of using sweatshop labor to make their goods on the cheap.>

    They’re better off than if they didn’t have a way to earn anything.

  2. While you are enjoying family, friends and good food this day take a moment to remember a couple of things:

    1- Even as we enjoy one of the most open and free societies ever seen, hundreds of millions have never savored the sweet taste of freedom.
    2- Even as we enjoy the bounty of our prosperous nation, countless souls struggle for the basics of survival.
    3- Even as we are free, many suffer repression because they advocate and seek freedom.
    4- The freedom we enjoy was purchased at a very high price by many, over many generations, in many places. Some died in the process.
    5- Freedom is precious and must be defended, from the inside and the outside.
    6- Those who are free have an obligation to encourage and help those who seek to be free by peaceful means.
    7- When the freedom of anyone is trampled upon, all humanity suffers.

    <b>Grace , Mercy & Peace to all.

  3. All I have to say is NATO.

    All your little countries are just bases to US.

    So Frenchies and Englishites, just remember that when you drive one way for a day in any direction and hit either water or a border crossing.

    Don’t mess with iTunes, that’s a order!

  4. It’s not just Northern Ireland. Wales and Scotland are also part of the UK. It’s probably important to note that England itself is not independent. England doesn’t not mean the same as the UK. There is no English parliament. English members of parliament have a say in UK wide issues.

    Wales and NI (I think NI. Not 100%)) have assemblies, with very limited powers. Scotland has a parliament that has greater (but still limited) powers, and has local laws and bank notes (though they’re still GBP). There is no English parliament. English members of parliament have a say in UK wide issues, but not on some issues in Scotland, NI and Wales. There’s a problem at the moment because representatives from Wales and Scotland DO have a vote on issues that affect England only (due to devolution of those issues to the Welsh Assembly and Scotland).

    As this problem gets more and more coverage, there will be more and more call for independence FOR England rather than FROM England !

  5. The best thing about living in Canada is that we get drunk and blow off fireworks 4 days before you guys….

    Happy 4th to our buddies down below the 49th (and those other disconnected states).

  6. Those in the US should enjoy and celebrate our “freedom”. Mainly because it’s being stripped away by the current administration with daring alarm. That and the fact that this country is set on a very bad course means we should definitely appreciate what we have now. Our forefathers did such an amazing job that the country will probably hold strong for another ten years. But when you don’t invest in education, health care, raise the minimum wage, and stimulate the middle class there will be a price to pay down the road.

  7. The best thing about living in Canada is that we get drunk and blow off fireworks 4 days before you guys….

    And we won the war of 1812.

    and we think sexual orientation is not a justifiable basis for denying people rights which are left open to other members of our society …

    /and we burned down the White House

  8. Hywel,

    What you’re not doing is approaching the whole sibling rivalry thing in the UK with a sense of joyful malice.

    I have, over the years, encountered a number of Scots for whom the epithet “chippy” is a mere understatement.

    Many years ago, when one such “well-balanced” (i.e. chip on both shoulder) pompous ass of a Scot (one of my subordinates) had annoyed me by being unnecessarily unpleasant to a waitress whilst tired and emotional, I decided that enough was enough and developed a means for winding them up.

    My chosen method – which has been proven to work across numerous test subjects – is to engage in a conversation about the beauty of the various elements of the British Isles. When the conversation drifts north of Hadrian’s Wall (as is inevitable), you light the blue touchpaper with “Sorry, I always think of Scotland as a minor Northern English county” and then gracefully lean back whilst your Celtic/Pict/Gaelic acquaintance quietly explodes, using such ripostes as “I’ll have you know that James I of England was James VI of Scotland, so I’ll think you find that England belongs to Scotland”.

    Allow your opponent around five to ten minutes of such tosh, so he/she thinks he/she is on a winner and then close the debate with: “But if Scotland rules England, why is London the capital?”.

    I have had even more entertainment out of this ruse than out of my feminist wind-up (“No women can be truly fulfilled until she’s had children” combined with “You’ve come a long way in this business for a woman” – never fails to get a lively conversation going),

    Please understand I don’t actually believe any of these statements, but – having read the Stephen Potter books as a teenager – you have to take your opportunities for fun where you can find them.

  9. MCCFR

    – You’re a man after my own heart. I would also suggest that you add to your salvo:

    When a woman struggles with a vcr/computer/digicam/etc, casually drop the remark “High technology baffles another girlie”.

    You will have lit the blue touchpaper and should immediately retire to a safe distance.

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