MSNBC’s Krakow: Apple’s MacBook ‘the best notebook computer I’ve ever used’

“Before I came to work at MSNBC, all the computers in my house were Macs. But at MSNBC, I was forced to work on a PC and have been doing so ever since. Had to. All the software needed to run our site is PC-based,” Gary Krakow reports for MSNBC.

“But now, Macs are able to run Windows XP as well as OS X. And Macs run both very well. That means I could be very happy using the new MacBook that I’ve been testing as my only computer,” Krakow reports. “Quite frankly, this notebook computer is the best I���ve ever used.”

“The keyboard is new too. It feels nice on the fingers and definitely is up there as far as great Mac keyboards go,” Krakow reports. “Even opening the MacBook is nice: The latch is magnetic, which means no more little metal pieces sticking out, getting loose or breaking.”

“The new MacBook also can run Windows XP. You need to download the Boot Camp software from the Apple Web site and follow the instructions carefully. You’ll also need a full copy of XP-SP2. It takes about an hour to create a Windows partition on the hard drive and install the OS,” Krakow reports. “The new Intel-based Macs run Windows really well — as well or better than any laptop I’ve ever tested. I have no problem recommending a MacBook to any OS X or Windows user.”

“The MacBook is a jewel of a notebook computer that acts like two separate computers, has lots of terrific built-in features — both software and hardware — and is only one inch thick,” Krakow reports. “I like the new MacBook and can heartily recommend it to anyone who needs a modern, new portable. I’m going to miss the test computer when it goes back to Apple.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Will Robinson” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Krakow hasn’t yet used a . wink

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  1. All the software needed to run our site is PC-based

    Of course, we expect nothing less from a network that was once totally owned by the Redmond Devil.

    What’s really humbling to the Win fools is that when they watch you using Windows in a window on Mac OS X.


  2. I sent him a nice email showing a couple of glitches… the article gives the impression that iWork is included free as part of iLife.. and he doesn’t mention the two finger/right click trick.. oh well, no one’s perfect.

  3. I’m all for the concept of embrace and extinguish, but I really think the big nuke bomb is going to be if Apple somehow creates a way for people to run Windows based software, in OSX, with an OSX look and feel. That will be the thing.

    Until then, somehow I get the feeling that people dont get the idea of using the windows install just for a few things, not as an end solution for daily use.

  4. macromancer.

    Don’t worry about it. As someone who’s freed many Windows sufferers, I’ll tell you that it takes care of itself. Let someone really use Mac OS X to accomplish things for a few weeks and they just divest themselves of the “Windows Experience” spontaneously. No additional help is required.

    Then, like most of us here, they can’t wait to tell others what they’ve “discovered.” Then the Windows-only Stockholm Syndrome sufferers will call them “Cultists” and/or “Fanatics” and tell them that a computer is just a “tool.”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Related MacDailyNews article:
    Defending Windows over Mac a sign of mental illness – December 20, 2003

  5. ah, cuz i’ve been sweating bullets over this yellow stained macbook crap..

    i should get my macbook in the mail in a few days..

    *knock on wood..

    the one in the store was beautiful and fast, though

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. “ah, cuz i’ve been sweating bullets over this yellow stained macbook crap..”

    Mac users are notoriously loyal but also notoriously picky so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    I’ve had my white 2 GHz (2 GB RAM) MacBook since they were released. No issues, no discoloration, etc. Runs XP, Ubuntu Linux, and OS X together via Parallels with no sweat.

    I don’t deny that there may be problems with the MacBook or MacBook Pro but neither myself nor my three friends who have MB pros have had any of the problems that are circulating on the net.

    Its probably typical rev. 1 stuff. There are bound to be some crappy ones in the lot, but I just haven’t seen any eveidence of a widespread problem.

  7. mike, I bought two MacBooks the same week they were released and a couple of friends also followed suit. None of the ones I bought, my friends bought or the ones down at the local Apple Store are turning yellow. And yes, I asked the store manager if she has the crew “swap out the ones that turn yellow” as someone quipped yesterday.

    Probably Apple has numbers of this issue for QA and service warranty. I just have never seen it.

    But hey, if worrying is your thing, you should be afraid – very afraid!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I haven’t taken the MacBook for a test drive, but my wife LOVES my 15.4” MBP. The keypad is just that much more comfortable than my old iBook, its fast, and so many other things.

    And of course the aluminum case doesn’t turn yellow like those white MacBooks seem to.

  9. Hortense has a new MacBook and likes everything about it. Just one problem, which might be rectified by a software update:

    Volume not sufficient when playing back DVDs, forcing use of external speakers or earphones. Problem not encountered on 12″ PowerBook.

    Hope that case is more durable than aluminum PowerBook, which can bend if packed in outer compartment of tightly packed bag.

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