BusinessWeek’s 2006 IT 100 List: #4 Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple Computer, Inc. has landed at #4, up two slots from last year’s #6 position, in BusinessWeek’s Info Tech 100 List for 2006. To arrive at the rankings, companies were ranked on four criteria: return on equity, shareholder return and revenue growth (which were given equal weight), and total revenues (which was weighted). Then, the top 100 companies were reranked as a group.

“Apple has been so successful in recent years that it’s almost boring, until you look at the numbers. As iPods become standard equipment for an increasing portion of the citizenry, the company’s sales grew 56%, to $17.3 billion. No doubt there are threats on the horizon, such as European legislators’ push to force Apple to make songs purchased on iTunes work with non-iPod players. But with no credible rival on the scene to steal its music thunder and with interest in the Mac rising fast, 2007 is shaping up just fine for CEO Steve Jobs,” BusinessWeek writes.

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  1. And Ballmer screams, “Thirty-seven? Mother-f$%^#, I’m going to KILL those guys. SON OF A MOTHER-F#$$%#@# ! ! ! AAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH! ! ! ! ! !” His spontaneous, vein-swelling rampage scares the ugly off of all of the nearby zoo monkeys, makes schoolchildren burst into tears for a 1000 mile radius, and animates legged office furniture company-wide into a hasty, defensive retreat into an abandoned fallout shelter. The demand for Valium in the Redmond, Wash. area skyrockets.

  2. “With stock dropping so much they will probably drop a notch or two next year…..”

    The stock is dropping because of the broader market, inflation rpcies, interest rate hikes, and rising energy costs. It’s not because of anything specific Apple is or isnt doing.

    In a year the stock at 59 will look cheap.

  3. Bill

    It’s called a buying opportunity

    Their fundmentals have not changed ; just the stock price
    Still lots of analysts who are still rating Apple very highly compared to their peer group and have pegged share prices at 90 – 100

    Buy it while it’s cheap

  4. “In a year the stock at 59 will look cheap.”

    That´s what they said at $85 all the way down….

    Apple was the “in” stock for a couple of years (because of iPod) and now the bubble and fizz stock buying crowd has moved on. Apple will stay under $70 for the next year or so. Depends a lot on Job´s health…and if Apple can plug in new upgrades of Intel processors in their computers as fast as Dell (and now they have the AMD option).
    iPod is a mature market – not much large percentage growth upside there any more.
    OSX hasn´t helped market share much in the last 5 years, no reason to think it will change much more.

  5. “With stock dropping so much they will probably drop a notch or two next year…..”

    Mr. Rancine, you must be extraordinarily nearsighted to have written the above statement. If you have any disposable income whatsoever, and if you truly believe what you say, sell AAPL short, man, and put your balls where your mouth is. Something tells me you KNOW Apple’s stock is about to explode, and you just want to troll around MDN at this point with your supposed “insight.”

    NOTE, Mr. Bill: Five years ago Microsoft stock was selling at $34.00+. Today it closed at $22.88.

    WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! What phenomenal growth for the king of the software world!

    NOTE, Mr. Bill: Five years ago Apple Computer was selling for $12+. Today it closed at $59.58.

    HMMMMM. How does that compare to your allies in Redmond, Mr. III?

    Some of us see this fallback from the $85 high of earlier this year as one of the best buying opportunities one could ever see in a bull/bear market.

    Truth is, very few people ever got rich buying high and selling higher, Mr. Bill. The secret is to buy LOW and sell HIGH! But that takes cojones, doesn’t it, Mr. Bill?

    Got any? (Didn’t think so.)

  6. Hmmm… “boy” is a very appropriate part of your name. Like a babe in the woods. It’s clear that Mac marketshare will rise substantially over the next couple of years, adding huge upside to earnings as well as the top line. You must fancy yourself an “analyst”–who else could be so clueless?

  7. Stockboy, if it is true that the “iPod is a mature market – not much large percentage growth upside there any more,” why is Microsoft purportedly jumping into this particular fray with their big clownshoes on?

    Do you truly believe that the portable music market is saturated right now? If so, and with Apple’s insurmountable lead in this market sector, we will surely see the end of ALL the “also-rans” this year, correct?

    And I’m sure you must have already factored in the coming “vPod” into your market analysis, huh? Couldn’t be any growth there, I guess. The completion of the Mac Pro line in August at WWDC won’t have any effect on the stock price either, right?

    iPhone? Who knows. “Leopard”? Junk, right?

    One thing to remember, Stockboy: Even WITHOUT OS X as a sales leader, the Macintosh will become–in 2007–the finest PC on the market, especially given the crap that DULL sells. Whether this comes on the heels of “Boot Camp,” “Parallels,” or some form of virtualization within “Leopard,” the Mac will become, without question, the finest, most reliable Windows machine sold in the world.

    But you would deny all this, right?

  8. LOL – all you stock experts. LOL.
    More market share for Apple – LOL; get real, it´s low guys, low.
    Apple stock moved up because of iPod, not Apple computers.
    Apple stock is dropping because the iPod market growth has cooled off (who does not own one. I have three. Haven´t bought one in over 6 months.) If Apple brings out some new product equivalent to the iPod then I will be bullish on Apple again.
    Apple has been doing some great business things, but even so market share has dropped in the last 5 years. Steve ain´t doing enough.
    The computer market as a whole is maturing. Nothing new going on; no reason to buy a new computer. If the world slips into a economic downturn (oil higher, Iran, North Korea, Al Gore whining about the environment…) then Apple (and all stocks will drop more).

    Microsoft stock down – should be. So what does that have to do with Apple stock? Why do wizards think one stock has to do with another – obviously you don´t own stock.

    You guys are so silly. Please call me names. I am Stockboy. To you stock geniuses I am “Mr. Stockboy”. (Oh yeah, I bought Apple stock when it was $13 a share – a while back. My profits are bigger than your profits!) But Apple is not the hot stock it was and won´t be for at least a year or two…if not longer.
    Accept Apple as it is, not some rumors or wishful thinking of the future.

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