Apple releases Pro Application Update 2006-01

Apple today released Pro Application Update 2006-01 which addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and shared components for Apple’s professional applications and is strongly recommended for all users of:

• Final Cut Studio
• Final Cut Pro 5.1
• Motion 2.1
• Soundtrack Pro 1.1
• DVD Studio Pro 4.1
• Shake 4.1
• LiveType 2.1
• Compressor 2.1
• Apple Qmaster 2.1
• Final Cut Express HD 3.5

More info and download link (2.1 MB) here.

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  1. “since Apple didn’t develop the underlying OS, I doubt there would be much to learn from Apple.”

    yeah, it was developed mainly at NEXT, which Apple bought… and NEXT practically runs Apple now… so i’d consider that home grown (or at least Stev Jobs grown)… and OS 10.1 – .4 is all apple.

  2. One other thing that’s a bit weird about this update is that it says it’s applicable to Final Cut Express users, but to download it (manually) you need to input a serial for Final Cut Studio…

  3. Ah… my silly little mole, it is you who seems to be clueless about the origins of OS X and who wrote them. OSX is a Mach micro-kernel with a BSD compatible application layer built on top of the (mach) micro-kernel. (Free BSD is a monolithic kernel like Linux)

    Google the origins of OS X, or here is a link. That way you won’t sound like you have no idea what you are talking about (next time anyway)

  4. “OSX is a Mach micro-kernel with a BSD compatible application layer “

    I did know all that you present, I can’t see how it supports any argument that Apple wrote the OS.

    Is your contention is that Apple wrote the Mach microkernel and rewrote a whole bunch of FreeBSD compatible software from scratch which sits on top of it?

    If so, you’re mistaken. You misunderstand just how much FreeBSD code Apple uses.

    Get with reality, be able to say, “Yes, I understand that Apple didn’t create much of Mac OS X”

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