Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad I’m a Mac Switcher

Mike Wendland (of Detroit Free Press fame) has listed his “Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad I’m a Mac Switcher” on his MacMike News site:

Wendland explains, “It’s been nearly four years now since I made the switch from PCs and Windows to Apples and Macs.”

Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad I’m a Mac Switcher:
1 – No spam – There is no better spam filter than Spam Sieve. It’s a Mac-only product and it catches 98 percent of my junk mail.
2 – No worms or viruses – None. Zip. Zero. Not a single one in four years now.
3 – No adware/spyware – Same thing. These are non-issues on my Macs.
4 – No crashes – It just doesn’t happen with OS X. I had one crash in December 2002, but I was running OS 9 at the time and it was a very old program (from 1994-ish) and I was curious to see if it worked. It didn’t.
5 – Total integration – Apple’s iSync application keeps my calendar, address book, Web bookmarks and to-do list automatically and flawlessly synchronized on my desktop and laptops. And it backs it all up on my .Mac account, meaning I can access it from any computer with a Net connection.
6 – iTunes and the iPod – Need I say more? Granted, these also work with Windows. But on Macs, they work the best.
7 – Total freedom – Airport Express lets me set up a wi-fi network anywhere I want in seconds and it extends my wireless network at home as I need it.
8 – Mac software – I mentioned SpamSieve and iTunes. But then there’s other special Mac apps like the RSS-reader NetNewsWire, GarageBand, Safari and Final Cut Pro. I can not imagine computing without these apps.
9 – Compatibility – I realize this is a PC world. So I use Microsoft’s Office for the Mac. Truthfully, it’s been my experience that it works better than Office for Windows.
10 – Community – When I was all PC, I used to laugh at the Mac zealots. Now that I am one, I understand why they love their computers. I never heard a Windows user say that.

“For me, Macs have made the last four years an adventure just waiting to be clicked,” Wendland explains.

More at MacMike News here.

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  1. Why the hell won’t an article like THIS one get picked up and spread nigh and yonder in the mainstream shitty press? Imagine how much head-scratching and “Wow, I didn’t know that!”-type reactions this’d cause if it were reprinted in USAToday?

    F-ckin’ Mac-hating imbeciles everywhere need their eyes opened.

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    You Mac gays keep on lying and we’ll keep using our real PCs and ignoring you fags.

  4. Anybody who’s not a Mac ‘tard gay can avoid a lot of spam with a Windows PC. No worms or viruses, yeah right, I believe that – I just read about one last month, you lying throat sausage lovers.

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    No crashes, yeah right.

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