Apple MacBook shipments to hit 2.3 million units in 2006?

“Shipments of MacBooks are expected to total 500,000 units in the second quarter while monthly shipments will reach 300,000 units in the third quarter, noted today’s Chinese-language Apple Daily. For the whole year, notebook shipments to Apple are expected to hit 2.3 million units, the paper added,” Emily Chuang reports for DigiTimes.

Brief story here.

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  1. A lot of people were spreading FUD about the MacBook’s glossy screen and heat being issues.

    Like MacDan, I bought two: one to replace a 12″ iBook and the other to replace a 12″ PowerBook. I’m happy to promulgate that MacMania and his affiliates are extremely happy with the new MacBooks. The screen is beautiful and they’re actually cooler than the iBook was!

    Rock on Steve
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  2. The “Apple Daily” is a sensationalist Chinese language tabloid in Hong Kong. It’s only slightly more accurate than the supermarket tabloids in the US.

    It has nothing to do with Apple Computer.

  3. That’s nothing…..

    The Korean Apple news said that Mac Book shipments would reach 10 billion. And they HAVE to know better because they speak Korean.

    This is bullshit news. The best way to know how many units ship in 2006 is to go on January 1, 2007 and figure out how many were sold. This speculation crap is what caused the internet stock crash of 2001. I hope Apple doesn’t listen to this. I hope this is just their spin dept.

  4. MacMania…
    There’s no FUD about those glossy screens.

    The screens do look good… at certain angles… but, unless you sit in an environment with NO direct, reflected or ambient lighting, like a cave, there WILL be reflections on the screen. And the reflections are HARSH.

    The MacBooks are fantastic, but when I first saw the glossy screens I was horrified. i can’t imagine trying to find just the right viewing angle under far from ideal light conditions… like, just about EVERYwhere.

    My girlfriend was all excited about replacing her iBook G4, UNTIL she saw the MacBook screens. She said she’ll wait for Apple to offer matte screens.

    I don’t blame her and it’s too bad…

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