The Great Apple Asteroid Hoax

“If you’ve been following the legal ruckus surrounding Apple’s ‘Asteroid leak’ case, you know what happened: Someone leaked details of Asteroid, a breakout box for use with GarageBand, and some websites published the info. Apple then subpoenaed their email records to discover the identity of the leaker, and the websites went to court to protect their journalistic integrity,” Anne Onymus writes for Low End Mac. “there’s a fact that everyone seems to be overlooking – after over two years, Apple hasn’t released a breakout box for use with GarageBand.”

“The company has transitioned its Macs to Intel CPUs, introduced a plethora of new iPods, and even created a speaker system for the iPod, yet they haven’t released Asteroid. Sound suspicious? It should,” Onymus writes. “Since it hasn’t happened, it’s time to reveal the truth: Apple never intended to release ‘Asteroid’ to market.”

Full article here.

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  1. If Apple wasn’t going to release “Asteroid” to the market, then there’s no harm.

    If there’s no harm, then there’s no justification for the strong-arm against the press.

    An egomaniac CEO does not justify Nixonian tactics against independent third parties.

  2. This whole story is very confusing. Why develop this product and not release it? I see no downside to make garage band better and easier to use. Maybe it was going to be too expensive. I can’t believe that Apple isn’t going to release because of something to do with this leak case. Maybe it ended up being way too expensive?

  3. “Sudden Impact: Apple’s Great Asteroid Hoax”

    In other news, Clint Eastwood and Jerry Bruckheimer will be teaming up on the made-for-TV movie. It could be a breakout hit.

  4. “Maybe it was going to be too expensive. I can’t believe that Apple isn’t going to release because of something to do with this leak case. Maybe it ended up being way too expensive?”

    Or maybe Apple is licensing the technology to a an outside company with their own development schedule. Just a guess. It would still have NDAs and secrecy attached.

  5. It could come in handy in the future, however, for a company to establish the “legal right” to get names of sources from writers on gossip sites. Maybe thats all this was about. Maybe the so called “leak” has aready received and spent that nice bonus for his/her work in this endevor.

    Ummmm! Conspiricy!

  6. However… We all know how friendly Apple is to its consumers. This could be the next step for Apple to protect its users who have started Podcasting, blogging, and other forms of self journalism that Apple has helped to pioneer and advocate.

    What Apple has done is set a precedence.

    All of these people who want to do their own investigative journalism, and post it on their own blog, are now protected THANKS TO APPLE.

    So if anything, the “Nixonian tactics” as alluded to above, have resulted in a win for the general public, and a win for Apple that will allow people to stay so interested in future “secret” projects from Apple that they can post them without fear of persecution. Free press for Apple.

    If this is the way it went down, it’s freaking brilliant.

  7. Step One: Apple (Stevie) are getting might p*ssed at all the leaks.

    Step Two: Stevie wants heads to roll ‘Who’s the Mole?!?!?’

    Step Three: ‘Invent’ a new product – tell a core team – see how quick the story is leaked.

    Step Four: Leak plugged…

    There never was ‘Asteriod’ it was quite simply bait.

  8. It’s a classic method for finding a mole. control the flow of information. release different information to different selected people selected of leaking.

    see what gets leaked.

    you now know who the leak is.

    then you quietly eliminate him/her.

    problem solved.

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