Why isn’t this in the OS already?! PopCopy offers Clipboard history in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

PopCopy is a very simple addition to the Mac OS X Menu Bar that offers a revolutionary way of copying and pasting. The American Balloon, a professional wrestler (Wrestling-related homepage at http://www.balloonsault.com) and Mac Shareware programmer, has released PopCopy.

Here’s how PopCopy works:
• Copy or Cut an item from any application. A file, picture, or text item. It shows in the MenuBar in truncated fashion.
• Copy another item. It shows in your MenuBar and the history of what you’ve copied (or cut) in a drop down menu. You can preview/store pictures, files, and text that was previously copied into the clipboard.

If you need to get back to the item you previously copied, you can do one of two things.
A: Use the PopCopy menu in the menubar to reselect your previously copied item.
B: Hold the hotkey (Command + Shift + V), then use your arrow keys to select the item.

PopCopy is offered as a trial download and a full version costs US$12.

More info and download link here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sheesh, why isn’t this in the OS already?! Anyway, this thing is exactly what the doctor ordered for us. Now we can just copy a quote from here, cut an image from there, copy the URL from over there, and use PopCopy’s menu to grab everything off our Clipboard while working in ExpressionEngine instead of tabbing around in Safari like lunatics all day. We’ve tried other “multiple clipboard” apps, but none works as effortlessly for us as PopCopy. If you are looking for a simple, usable multiple clipboard, try out this application. So far, we can tell you that it works very well on an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.6: highly-recommended.

Also check out The American Balloon’s “Telekinesis,” an application that allows one to assign any keyboard key or key combination to any button on your Apple Front Row Remote. It costs $7 to register, and can be found here.

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  1. The reason, I hate most multiple copy apps, like the one M$ put in Win2K or the ones I’ve tried on the Mac, is that they get in the way. Multiple clipboards sound great, just don’t get in the way of my normal Cut/Copy/Paste operations. Don’t change the default behavior, I rely on that for 95% of the time. Now to see if PopCopy helps me with that other 5%.

  2. iClip is still the king. I’ve tried them all and iClip has the cleanest interface, most features, and most responsive developer. It stays out of your way until you need it. Hit the hot key and it slides open from the edge of the screen just like the dock.

  3. It does look kind of interesting, but do I really want more crap in an already cluttered Menu Bar?

    There are some of these for Dashboard, but Dashboard is slow, inconvenient and a memory hog.

    When will somebody come out with a Menu Bar Tool Manager to help cut dow on the clutter?

  4. Jumpcut is a nice little app. For me, it’s too limited. It appears to only support text. I need the ability to handle text, styled text, images, file references, etc. which iClip does. I also like that I don’t have to hold keys down and arrow through the clipboards. Two quick keystrokes and I’ve got the clipping I need.

    Personal preferences. Everyone has their favorites.

  5. “When will somebody come out with a Menu Bar Tool Manager to help cut dow on the clutter?”

    Hold down the Command key and drag the stuff out you don’t want there.. poof, gone.

  6. Quicksilvers Clipboard History is much easier and doesnt clutter up my menu bar, which is already pretty full. Just Show it from the modules menu and place it on your screen so that the edge is touching where you would like it to hide to. Then you can just move your mouse to the edge of the screen and all your clipboard histories will magically show up!

    God I love quicksilver! I have no idea why they dont at least take donations for their product which is my #1 cant live without mac app.

  7. Alternatively, you could use Xshelf, which is completely free and works very well… No keyboard shortcuts though. On the plus side, it lets you cut/paste files or reuse the item for pasting as many times as you want…

    Did i mention it’s free too?

    VersionTracker link

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