Apple makes Intel Think Different; Mac-maker influencing Intel’s product roadmap

“One year after Apple Computer announced plans to use Intel processors in its computers, Apple is pushing the world’s largest chip maker into new directions, a top executive said Monday. ‘They push us to think about things that we may not always think about,’ said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s sales and marketing group. ‘We were hoping for that to happen and that certainly happened,’ he said,” Sumner Lemon reports for IDG News Service. “Apple’s view of how the computer market will evolve has influenced Intel’s product roadmap, Chandrasekher said. That impact will be felt over the long term, rather than showing up soon, he said.”

Lemon reports, “Apple’s demand for processors that produce less heat has been felt at Intel. ‘You can anticipate that they probably pushed us on packaging and thermals and things like that,’ Chandrasekher said.”

Full article here.

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  1. Hee hee.. nice..

    Too bad there’s not a ton of specifics yet beyond pushing Intel towards being more thermally efficient with processing power. That I’m sure will pay off for Intel in the long run as more and more computing moves to smaller and smaller packages and larger % of laptops, overall.

  2. Good…

    This is what Apple needs to tell Intel to do for future chips…

    1) Add altivec.
    2) Add on integrated memory controller.
    3) Get rid of x86 legacy useless circuits.

    – Mark

  3. It’s just a pity that a lot of cheap and nasty little little PCs/makers will also probably benefit due to the drive of Jobs and Co when all they (the PC guys) have done for years is sit on their fat asses knocking out substandard gear to unthinking mugs.

  4. I love how our little 5% market share Apple has the power to influence everything it touches. I think it’s becasue everyone knows that “innovation” is key…and everyone knows Apple does that better than anyone. Intel may be able to innovate with the science behind a chip..but I doubt they can put all the pieces together in terms the bigger vision around cultural evolution and the products that will be a part of that.

    enter SJ.

  5. Delusional article. A “sales and marketing” exec will tell you what you want to hear. Apple isn’t pushing Intel in any type of direction….you’d be naive to think otherwise. The ONLY factor that’s pushing Intel productwise in a certain direction is AMD.

    There’s a reason why every single Core 2 Duo public presentation from Intel centers around AMD, and not a word about Apple.

  6. Doesn’t it sound like Sammy is in sales and marketing… at AMD?

    She is so adamant that Apple has no influence whatsoever on intel and yet Apple’s influence pushes m$ beyond reason.

    I am inclined to believe Chandrasekher before I’m going to agree with someone who calls themselves Sammy…

  7. “There’s a reason why every single Core 2 Duo public presentation from Intel centers around AMD, and not a word about Apple”

    Yeah it’s because that chip was in teh roadmap before the Apple-Intel deal. it’s also because Intel doesn’t want to be seen favoring one customer over another.

    think dude

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