Microsoft debuts ‘Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac’ – first desktop designed exclusively for Mac users

Microsoft’s press release verbatim:

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of the Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac, its first Mac-specific desktop complete with a stylish wireless Comfort Curve Keyboard and a wireless High Definition laser mouse. With this new desktop set, the Microsoft Hardware division combines comfortable design with High Definition technology to deliver the ultimate in cutting-edge performance, luxury and style to any Mac user. The futuristic silver finish complements the Mac design to make a mark on any desktop while providing the freedom of wireless control.

The Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac features Microsoft’s first keyboard designed specifically for the Mac. The key layout is consistent with Mac-only keyboards. To truly meet Mac users’ needs, this is Microsoft’s only keyboard without the Windows Start button. The Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac is compatible with the new Intel-based Mac machines as well as PowerPC models, and will have Hot Keys that map to Mac programs such as iTunes and iPhoto.

“We are excited to see our colleagues on the Microsoft Hardware team provide this Mac-only keyboard and mouse to strengthen Microsoft’s lineup of products for Mac users, which includes our productivity suite, Office 2004 for Mac,” said Scott Erickson, director of product management and marketing for the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft. “This launch further demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the computing experience for Mac users. We were able to preview the product at Macworld this January and saw firsthand the very favorable response from Mac customers.”

Classy Comfort

For greater comfort at work or in the home, the Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac’s Comfort Curve Keyboard encourages natural hand and wrist positioning in an easy-to-use layout for enhanced comfort and productivity. The Comfort Curve design is preferred by a ratio of 3-to-1 over flat, straight keyboards, and includes a cushioned palm rest for supreme comfort.(1) Designed and tested by Microsoft’s in-house ergonomists and usability experts, the Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac is the ultimate in comfort and performance for Mac users and includes the following key features:

• Mac Modifier Keys. Control, Option and Command buttons are right where users need them.
• Zoom Slider. Consumers can zoom in for a closer look at digital pictures, maps and more.
• My Favorites Keys. These five keys can be customized to instantly bring up favorite photos, folders, files and Web pages.
• Eject key. This key lets users easily eject CDs and DVDs.
• Hot Keys. These buttons offer one-touch, immediate access to programs consumers use the most, including those for e-mail, chat, music, photos and the Web.

High Definition for the Mac

The Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac features a sleek silver wireless High Definition laser mouse. Microsoft’s cutting-edge High Definition technology is two generations ahead of standard optical mouse products and gives the mouse ultimate precision and responsiveness.(2) In addition, the mouse utilizes Microsoft’s Intelligent Tracking System for smoother tracking without interruptions or skipping, even over unique surfaces. For enhanced performance this mouse also features a Tilt Wheel for navigating and viewing documents and spreadsheets with ease. One-click access to Microsoft’s Magnifier tool makes the Mac magnifier feature more discoverable for real-time document enlargement.

“The Hardware team has been creating Mac-compatible peripherals for many years,” said Rusty Jeffress, general manager of the Microsoft Hardware team at Microsoft. “We always value the feedback of our customers; for this product we went back to the drawing board with the specific requests of our Mac users, and are excited to deliver our first Mac-specific keyboard and mouse that provide the tools and features Mac users need to be productive.”

Pricing and Availability

The Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac will be available this summer for an estimated retail price of US$99.95.

More info:

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  1. The day is upon us when Microsoft ceases to make an OS and will now create only third party applications and hardware for the Mac OS X platform! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Just kidding. My biggest complaint with most wireless mice is that I have to change the batteries often. I use Logitech stuff, and it gets on my nerves. Functions well other than that. Anyone know of a good wireless keyboard/mouse combo that has a charger to plug the mouse into when not in use?


    Microsoft has a good sense of humor.

    As if anything that looks like that with that corporate logo on it would get anywhere near my Mac.

    Who are they kidding???

  3. Jimbo- I have the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX. It has a charging stand for the mouse. In 2 years of heavy use, I’ve never had to change the mouse batteries, and I’ve only had to change the keyboard batteroes once. I love it.

  4. Ugly as hell, they just don’t get it. They think that everyone want to be a gadget nerd. What’s with all the buttons? Style and simplicity just don’t “compute” with those fools. Just wait, Apple will release the real solution to wireless desktop.

  5. It seems that people here will bash MS no matter what they do. My Apple keyboard quit working last month and I picked up a MS keyboard similar to this one. I couldn’t be happier. It just blows Apple’s away.
    Lets be honest here, Apple’s keyboard is way over due for a redesign.

  6. The Hotkeys on this abomination, which someone above says ‘can be ignored’, is a wonderful analogy for everything that is wrong with Microsoft software. It is but full of excessive functionality, that is useless to everyone except perhaps some idiot programmer in a Redmond backroom. 90% of functionality that MS thinks people value are actually things they ‘ignore’.

  7. I agree that Apple’s keyboard could use a design overhaul, but I also like the simplicity of it. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that uses all those cluttered hotkeys.

  8. MS keyboards work very fine. We have three of different models.


    Guess what Microsoft haters – Apple sells Microsoft keyboards on its website store.

    If the Microsoft products suck like you all say, then who is more stupid Microsoft or the company that sells their products?

    P.S. Steve also endorses putting Windows on your Mac.

  9. I’ve used the “Windows” version of this keyboard for quite a while. It is a decent keyboard and I am pleased to see that now I can get it with Command and Option keys instead of Alt and Start. This desktop set doesn’t really deserve the attacks it is receiving here.

  10. I’m not gonna knock the fact that they made a product solely for Mac, hell the more products the better. However, in no way can this be said to complement the design of any Mac, except for possibly the Pro machines, but even then only in terms of colour – maybe.

    If they’re (not just MS) gonna have all these extra keys on keyboards then why can’t they make them match the size/shape of regular keys?

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