Miglia launches TVMax DVR for Apple Mac mini

Miglia Technology today announced TVMax, a digital video recorder designed to match Apple’s Mac mini.

Eric Ferraz, Director of Product Management, Miglia Technology, stated in the press release: “TVMax is the ultimate analogue TV and video recording solution for any Mac user. It’s lets you watch TV in window mode or full screen, convert your VHS tapes to DVD in a few easy steps and best of all, TVMax records in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DivX formats. Bundled with EyeTV 2.0, TVMax is also ideal for iPod Video owners thanks to the exclusive One Click iPod export function.”

TVMax is bundled with EyeTV 2, which lets you watch, pause, rewind and skip forward live TV, schedule recordings, access online TV guides, edit recorded TV shows to cut out commercials, and much more. TVMax comes with an infrared remote control.

TVMax will let you store hours of TV programs on a single DVD using its built in hardware compressor, no need to strain your CPU any further, let TVMax take the strain!

Key Features
• Watch, Pause, Rewind, Skip forward Live TV
• Record and edit your favourite shows
• One Click iPod export
• Hardware compression to MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DivX
• Convert VHS and Hi8 Tapes to DVD

Technical Specifications
• Host Interface – USB 2.0
• Host Connector Type – USB B Type
• TV Tuner – Analog Tuner, CableTV ready
• Up to 125 Channels
• Resolution – Standard definition (PAL/NTSC or Pal/SECAM)
• Antenna Connection – Antenna or cable
• Recording Formats – MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX. Hardware compression
• Power – External Power Supply

• Length: 165 mm
• Width: 165 mm
• Height: 30 mm
• Weight 400gr

Mac only
• Mac with USB 2.0 connectivity
• PowerPC G4/500 processor and higher
• 256 MB of RAM
• Mac OS X 10.4.x and higher

TVMax is available now from Miglia’s distribution partners or online store, for a recommended retail price of $249, €249, £169 (all prices are inc VAT).

More information here.

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  1. If Apple doesn’t put its own attractive logo on the front of the Mac mini, what makes companies like Miglia think that someone would want to look at some random ugly logo on the front of a device sitting on top of the mini?

  2. If it can’t do digital cable then it’s no good for me.

    I did manage to connect my powerbook to the firewire port of my cablebox/DVR and use Apple’s software based DVHS recorder to capture HD video. That was pretty cool. I guess that iRecord probably uses the same system, but that had some quirks when I tried to use it.

    So hopefully in the near future someone will put together a package that will allow for easy recording and archiving of DV from cable boxes. It’s getting close. With H262 the video can be reduced in size. The raw HD video from the cable box takes about 10 gigs worth of disk space for every hour.

  3. Heroin:

    I think it’s funny that on Miglia’s own site, the logo vanishes from the front of the unit in the picture of the unit with the Mac Mini!

    It’s like they also know that people don’t want to stare at their assy logo…

  4. The EyeTV 500 is a great thing, but is limited to non-encrypted cable and over the air HDTV. Most cable systems encrypt most, if not all, of their content. If that”s OK with you, go ahead.

    Hopefully, ElGato will make a version that supports a Cable Card that will allow encrypted content to be used. Given the MPAA’s current mood, I’m not sure how soon that would be.

    I own an EyeTV 500 and only the encryption issue is a problem. The other issue if file size. 1080i can easily run 8GB/hour.

  5. So you stack this with the mini and the other company that makes the Hard Drive, and maybe even the other devise with the ports (I know my description is random) and what do you have? A weirder looking white cube thing – again.

    But the older cube is better looking, obviously without all the toys.

  6. what makes companies like Miglia think that someone would want to look at some random ugly logo on the front of a device sitting on top of the mini?

    Because the box goes nicely with the mini. Have you seen those third party external HDs in cases that look like this? Apple sells them in their stores!

    Design wise, this is the way to go – a stack of white components all with thefootprint of the mini. It looks like it belongs in your TV room. It doesn’t look like a Windows Media Center FeeCee.

    As for the lack of HD, digital, etc. – give them time. From their web site, it looks like this is their first product. We will have to wait to see if it succeeds or fails. Hopefully for them they succeed and more products come along.

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