SanDisk’s iDont campaign takes on Apple iPod

Attention 50+ million Apple iPod owners: you are oppressed sheep. And you’re stupid chimps, too. And jackasses.

You’re like some mutant woolly simian amalgams that pull small carts. And you stink, too.

This is the genius marketing message offered by SanDisk. Supposedly, after calling you all of the above, plus a mindless puppet, among other things, you are supposed to scamper across the pasture baa baa-ing to the nearest purveyor of also-ran electronics gear and pick yourself up a SanDisk Sansa e200, you idiot.

Oh, yeah, you stupid sheep, you’re supposed to stop using iTunes and go use some “alternative” music jukebox and online music outfit that may or may not be in business next year because you don’t want to be a stinking iPod-loving chimp all your life, you jackass puppet you.

Can you get that simple message through your dense herd-loving skulls, you morons?!

We doubt you dumb-asses can handle it, so here’s a website with a bunch of posters, a manifesto, and pictures of you as a woolly farm animal. Study it really hard, you idiots:

Apple’s gotta be paying off SanDisk or at least their ad agency, Grey San Francisco. Nobody can be that incompetent, can they?


  1. You really don’t think most PC people belive this do you? If ITMS was so bad one of the other stores would have caught on by now, truth is I think most of the people who try ITMS like it, works on the PC like it does on the Mac, it’s simply a good program.

  2. Its one thing for a company to promote their product as better, or the best in a certain catigory, its another thing to have a side by side and show the pros and cons for both, and hope that the one you are promoting has more pros then the other, its also another thing to BASH the competition in hope they will belive you. However to create an entire ad campaign based on trying to convert people away from somthing for no reason other then they have run out of ideas and are still losing money. Thats just SAD!

  3. This entire ‘ad campaign’ is laughable.

    Insulting the people you are trying to lure away from the competition.
    Trying to look like a blog site when you’re not.
    Proposing that ipod users lock themselves into fewer formats and fewer OS choices.

    It’s a joke.

  4. Dave – I think Apple has learned that doesn’t work, they went through it again with the “Switch” ads, nobody listened, then released the iPod and PC people wrote letters begging for a PC iPod, even when other players existed at larger compacities and for less money. Everyone has the right to choose, calling those who don’t choose as you do, “sheep” is poor marketing.

  5. “Sounds similar to the approach of Apple’s 1984 ad. So when Apple does it, it’s OK??????”

    Actually DAVE, if that really is your name, it’s more akin to the Apple Lemmigns ad, which they have been lambasted over for years and Apple has unofficially admitted probably wasnt’t a good ad in hidsight.

    The 1984 ad was revolutionary, on many levels.

  6. Schmutz, no one ‘wrote Apple’ begging for a PC iPod, that was part of the plan all along. And for the switch ads, I think people underestimate the impact it had on the general public. Maybe the marketshare didnt swell overnight, but it definitely got PC users thinking and will just further reinforce in their minds whatever future Apple ad campaigns are launched.

    It’s a big part of the reason why over half of Apple retail store’s customers are first time Mac buyers.

  7. Apple certainly uses a similar, though much less agressive, approach in both their intel chip ads and the current campaign. I would say, though, that Apple can actually support their case with more than “you could join a byzantine subscription service!”

    Certainly, there are people that get an iPod simply because their friends have one or for a fashion statement, though most of them are probably in high school. However, the whole iPod + iTunes + iTMS package is superior to the Random portable Player + Napster/Real/URGE + Some Windows compatible media player “plays for sure” scenario.

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