Attention pilgrims: Friday Apple Store Fifth Avenue photos wanted [UPDATED with 360-degree QTVR]

If you made the pilgrimage and have new photos (today) of Apple Store Fifth Avenue – If you’re reading this, we know you have an internet connection – send your photos and/or links to and we’ll post them for all to see. Also, if anyone knows of a live web cam that can see any part of the Apple Store Fifth Avenue area, please let us know.

Rumor has it that Apple has requested that a street (presumably 58th or 59th) be closed for the performance of a major live band. (Source: Curbed)

MarketWatch’s Ed Crane caught up with Ron Johnson, who heads up Apple’s retail strategy, for a preview of the new underground store, featuring a glass cube at the entrance. Video report here.

BusinessWeek offers a nice slideshow here:

Disappointingly, this is devoid of imagery as we post this article:

The the world’s most powerful nerd magnet:

In addition, ifoAppleStore is covering the opening of Apple Store Fifth Avenue live and has photos online including:
• Cube unpeeled
• Thursday day
• Cube & staircase
• Interiors
• Cube tour
• Fickr set
• Apple’s gallery

And also has videos and links to videos online:
• First look
• Cube unpeeled
• The line begins
• Grand opening
• CNET on press event
• CNBC Jobs interview

Although the store opens today at 6pm EDT, this is ifoAppleStore’s account of Thursday morning: “The first person in line, Stormy Shippy, arrived from Texas and took his place at 12:15 a.m. After his arrival it was all about “Cube clean-up.” Crews of workers finished the pressure washing of the plaza and sidewalk, and others began work on the glass of the cube itself, both inside and out. Workers also began cleaning the inside of the cube–the vestibule floor, the spiral glass staircase and the glass-enclosed, cylindrical elevator.”

Full coverage here.

[UPDATE: 2:55pm EDT: Here are some photos of the line from yesterday and today: (Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader Charlie Travis)]

[UPDATE: 3:24pm EDT: Click for Steve Jobs at Apple Store Fifth Avenue (link to photo)]

[UPDATE: 5/21, 10:10am EDT: Gregory Marks of has unique shots here: and a video here.]

[UPDATE: 5/21, 12:12pm EDT: Gorgeous 360-degree QuickTime VR panorama of the line and the cube here.]

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  1. Any estimates of the lenght of the line before opening?

    Remember it’s the weekend now!

    Also remember this is NYC, people are hard and usually unfazed by a simple grand opening.

    I say 500 people.

    don’t preach to me and I won’t think in your chuch – unknown

  2. I’ve seen a line of 500 people for a run of the mill Apple Store opening before. Seeing as how this is NY and the uniqueness of this particular store, I’d be surprised if there aren’t well over a thousand in line by 6pm ET tonight.

  3. Renda,

    Since MDN can deliver huge wads of traffic to anyone to whom they link, I find it rather generous that they want to post links to photos and coverage pages gratis. I aassume that people who take pictures of the Apple Store Fifth Avenue goings on would want others to actually see them.

    I don’t think you understand the dynamics of online advertising or running an ad-supported site.

    How much do you pay to read the constantly-updated MDN?

  4. MDN: Have I been censored for raining on the NY parade? Apple deserves the criticism – they keep refusing to address serious flaws in the new new laptops by denying they exist. The overheating and noise problems are REAL and SERIOUS.

    As journalists (are you one) you should be on the side of the consumer not the greedy corporate suits.

    Make ’em produce real quality products, not just something that we can brag about being better than PCs!

  5. Paul:

    Fixed? Not according to Apple’s own discussion boards. Not according to posts all over the place on sites similar to MDN.

    Most mentioned reaction to overheating ‘fix’: “Making the fans run sooner, faster and louder is not a fix.”

  6. Macromancer, regarding MDN treating Mac as Cult or Religion… It’s just a joke… No need to get bent out of shape about it…

    Anyone who is on this site is a superfan of Apple and it’s products. We’re such fans that we can be zealots regarding Apple. Hell, we’re getting excited and making a big deal about a friggin’ store opening up… Therefore, a joke of comparing Apple fans to religious nuts is made.

    The only difference is that us Apple nuts realize that we border on lunacy for our love of Apple and are able to poke fun at ourselves and our cultlike passion, hence, religious/cult comparison/jokes are made.

    Religious nuts, however, don’t realize that they’re crazy, which is why they can’t take a joke about themselves. Too bad for them.

  7. And, I’m not off topic. One of the big brags about this Fifth Ave. store is the size of the Genius Bar. And, it’s bound to be staffed by techs who are among Apple’s best.

    So, why not confront them and demand real answers to these problems and refuse to accept “it’s within specs” or “there’s no problem” when countless, unsuspecting CUSTOMERS are having problems.

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