Adobe releases Photoshop 9.0.1 (CS2) update

Adobe today released Photoshop 9.0.1 update fixes a number of problems discovered after Photoshop CS2 (9.0) was released.

The most significant fixes in the 9.0.1 release include the following:
• Photoshop no longer hangs for several seconds when using painting tools with quick strokes.
• A runtime error that could appear when mousing over a high-res document with the Brush tool has been fixed.
• Documents containing a large number of text layers now open more quickly.
• Problems related to palettes (slow redraw, palettes go white, possible crash) have been addressed.
• TIFF files from certain scanners can now be opened correctly.
• After editing an image in Photoshop CS2 via the TouchUp tool in Adobe Acrobatᆴ software, the image no longer gets repositioned.
• XMP metadata from AI and PDF files is now retained in Photoshop.
• Slow performance when toggling layer visibility has been fixed.
• Info palette numbers are now displayed and updated when moving a curve point in Curves via the cursor keys.
• Problems opening certain TIFF and PSB files greater than 2GB have been resolved.
• The Merge to HDR command now functions properly when using high-ASCII characters in user login.

More info and download links here.

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  1. Steve’s RDF almost got to me today… I was seriously considering buying a blacck MacBook until reality set back in and I remembered that all of Adobe and Macromedia’s software aren’t universal yet.

  2. “Will the new MacBook (white or black) even run Photoshop or will it overheat and melt down trying?”

    It will run Photoshop just fine, at about iBook G4 1Ghz performance.

  3. Brandon,

    I use Macromedia Suite 8 on my intel iMac, runs just fine and i don’t think the UB would make that much difference. the same chip is in the macbook so it won’t be that much slower!!

  4. “I use Macromedia Suite 8 on my intel iMac, runs just fine and i don’t think the UB would make that much difference.”

    Dude, it will run at least three times faster as a Universal Binary and you know it.

    Still, I believe you when you say it runs just fine. These Intel chips are SO much faster than the old G4 stuff; the Intel Core Duo 2Ghz can basically emulate a G4 at 1.2Ghz performance levels.

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