Ohio University chooses Apple’s iTunes U for students and faculty

“A top official with Apple visited Ohio University on Wednesday and announced two new partnerships between the international computer company and OU. John Couch, vice president for education for Apple, toured campus and… announced that Apple has selected OU as a ‘Beta Site’ for its iTunes University. As an iTunes University, OU faculty and staff can use iTunes software to manage data such as photographs, podcasts and videos for free, according to a release from OU,” The Athens News reports.

“With the new software, faculty members can easily post and change content, and students can upload their own content to share with their professors or with the class, the Web site states. All content will be stored in an Apple-hosted repository that can be browsed and searched,” The Athens News reports. “Couch also announced Apple’s partnership with OU’s new Go Mobile discount laptop purchasing program. In this program, the university is making laptop computers available at a low cost to students.”

Full article here.

More info about Apple’s “iTunes U.” can be found here.
Some schools make the right decision and support all of their students. Other’s don’t. If you’re a student at a school without iTunes U, dash off an email to your administration or school newspaper asking why the school is not participating with iTunes U. Note: Ohio University has 16,640 undergraduate students and 862 full-time faculty members.

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  1. Thank god they are finally trying to end to MS domination on Campus. When I was still in college there Computer Network Services was advising everyone to only use a mac at Ohio if your department required it. They wanted everyone to use the gateway PCs in all the dorm rooms or bring a PC (if you were bringing your own machine) because they didn’t want to deal with macs. Then again I’ve been out of there for a few years now.

  2. i could say something like “Loyola’s football team hasn’t lost in a century”

    but yeah… thats stupid.

    Anyway, iTunes emailed me back saying they could only make deals with university administration…. so now I’m meeting with administration next week.

    Hopefully they’ll see the significance of this all.

  3. Ohio University IS NOT Ohio State. Ohio University came to be in 1804 in Athens, OH. Ohio State started out as Ohio A&M in Columbus, OH in 1860. Please don’t confuse the two as many Alumni get annoyed by it. If you watched Deal or No Deal this past Wednesday night on NBC you would have seen the 110 (the marching band) from Ohio Univeristy.

    Ohio University = Bobcats Green/White
    Ohio State = Buckeyes Red/Gray

  4. OU has a football program, too. They just aren’t as well known or as dominant as OSU. But, they are in the MAC (ironic, huh) (Mid-American Athletic Conference), which is an up-and-coming athletic league.

    Cubert (Ohio native – but not a graduate of OU)

  5. Go Bucks!!!!!

    Let’s start a Big11Ten v. SEC flame War! not.

    Back before OSX was finished I used to have Mac v. Windows v. Unix discussions with a german fellow named Siggy who was working on his Physics PHD at OSU. I like that my predictions have been mostly realized. Siggy couldn’t see much future for Macs in science or in Universities.

    But at least he had no love for windows.

  6. iTunesU… Why would any school choose to make free content, and then give it away to Apple? Are they even aware that there is no way for Linux users to retrieve any of the content on iTunesU? Or people at work who aren’t allowed to install iTunes. Or just ordinary sensible users who won’t install iTunes because it slows your computer down even when you’re not using it.

    Just post the lectures on your own website.

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