Mossberg: Apple iPod AV Connection Kit vs. DLO HomeDock Deluxe

“If you own a video iPod and happen to miss Sunday’s episode of “Desperate Housewives,” you can easily log on to Apple’s iTunes Music Store, pay a couple of bucks to download the episode and copy the video onto the iPod for watching on the go. But watching movies or TV shows on your home entertainment center will always be more enjoyable than watching on a comparatively tiny 2.5″ iPod screen while listening through earbuds. This week we reviewed two of these new iPod video connectors: the $99 iPod AV Connection Kit from Apple Computer Inc. itself and the $150 HomeDock Deluxe by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, or DLO, as the smaller company calls itself,” Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret report for The Wall Street Journal.

“When it comes to watching videos or digital photo slide shows, these two docks are about the same. Because of limitations in the iPod itself, video and slide-show menus can’t be projected on the TV screen, so selecting them requires manipulating menus on the iPod. But for listening to the iPod’s music through your speakers, the DLO HomeDock Deluxe pulls ahead. It offers a special mode that lists music on your television screen, not just on your iPod screen like the Apple kit, so you can see song details clear across the room. And overall, the DLO remote is much easier to use than Apple’s,” Mossberg and Boehret report. “ts remote is more functional than Apple’s, and it just works more easily. We’re looking forward to the day when a dock like this one can offer a TV-screen navigational mode for videos and slide shows, as well as music, so users can see all of the iPod’s data in a big-screen view.”

Full article with much more here.

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  1. Hell, I got a $10 ipod to tv connector off of ebay and it works great. I guess if I had a gazillion bucks that DLO thing would be nice, but it just ain’t worth the money. If I want to watch a movie on my television that is currently on my computer, it is most convenient to hook the computer up to the TV directly and use Front Row. I don’t have a intel mac, but it was easy enough to get Front Row on my powerbok. Doing it that way doesn’t dumb down the quality like the iPod does (I don’t get my movies/TV shows off of itunes… that is a waste of money when bittorrent has them for free).

  2. Leave Super Tim alone,

    If it’s broadcast over the air for free, commercials and all, how it gets from the airwaves to your TV is irrelevant.

    BitTorrent, cable, TV antenna, satellite receiver, Telco cable, VCR, PVR, it doesn’t matter. If it has commercials and it was broadcast over the air at one point in it’s journey, it is legal.

    If it comes from BitTorrent with the commercials edited out, then it’s stealing.

  3. Apple is being very smart about the way in which it positions iPod-related products. Its own accessories are “just good enough” for people to buy and use. This allows other companies to create similar, and often superior accessories for the iPod. IMHO, iPod has thrived in large part because of the accessories market that has sprung up around it — the iPod-ecosystem if you will.

    Via open source, OS X has been transforming the Macintosh-ecosystem in a similar fashion.

  4. Big Al,

    You to have landed your sorry ass on the PRICK list. The networks OWN their content. You can tape it to time shift your viewing, but distributions by other means is ILLEGAL!!!!

    Chumps like you and Tim will have us paying for everything with the most restrictive DRM if you keep STEALING!


  5. AOL Sucks, but I’ll post a link to this story anyway.

    Heres the summary:
    In February 2006, AOL announced that it would accept payment for incoming emails. For these certified emails, it would skip its usual anti-spam filters and guarantee delivery for cash. Our coalition believes that the free passage of email between Internet users is a vital part of what makes the Internet work. When ISPs demand a cut of “pay-to-send” email, they’re raising tollbooths on the open Net, interfering with the passage of data by demanding protection money at the gates of their customers’ computers.”

    More info at:

    Spamers pay Aol and their “mail” gets through. Great job AOL, I’m sure others will soon follow suit.

    BTW: If you’re using AOL, you are a mental case – UNLESS that is all you can get in your area (which is doubtful).
    Watch this wonderful AOL commercial:

  6. You can also buy the A/V to mini cable at Radio Shack. All Apple did was switch the video and one of the audio cables (yellow is the audio and the red is the video) with their “special” iPod cable.

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