OWC ships 750GB Mercury Elite-AL Pro

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced the introduction and immediate availability of a 750GB version of its flagship external storage solution line, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro FireWire400/800+USB2.0.

This new 750GB model, introductory priced and immediately available for $599.99, is the industry’s first external FireWire 800/400+USB2 single drive solution and complements the existing 80GB to 500GB models available from $149.99. As with the existing models, this new 750GB solution continues to provide exceptionally high data performance and reliability in the same conveniently small profile occupying only 9.0 x 2.1 x 5.8 inches.

According to OWC, “the Mercury Elite’s sleek aluminum design optimizes function while also aesthetically enhancing the desktop, and is further built to safely endure the rigorous demands of portability. This complete, modern solution is perfect for the safe, easy, and secure transfer of work and data from the home to the office, to client facilities, or even to remote work or for use while on the road – it is not just a storage solution, it is the modern technology solution that lets consumers own the future today. Other World Computing is proud to make the newest technology available to consumers before they even expect it, like providing the first ever 750GB external storage solution, says Larry O’Connor, CEO of OWC. The latest perpendicular hard disk technology enhances performance, while increasing capacities to accommodate our ever growing storage requirements. OWC Mercury Elite-AL solutions are tested and certified for demanding Audio/Video, Backup, Movies, Graphics, Music, Photography, General Data, and more. From 80GB, and now to the new 750GB capacity, the OWC Mercury Elite series offers superior FireWire/USB2 performance and reliability.”

All OWC FireWire and FireWire+USB Mercury Elite-AL Pro models incorporate the high speed Custom Oxford 911+ or 912 Chipsets and are ideally suited for high performance Audio, Visual, Graphics, and Backup applications. In addition, all models also are EMC Backup Certified and are directly supported by EMC’s industry respected standard Retrospect Backup software. For users that do not require the maximum versatility of a “triple interface” 800/400+USB solution, the OWC Mercury Elite also is available from 80GB and now up to 750GB capacities with FireWire 800/400 interfaces from $139.99 or with FireWire 400 + USB 2.0 interfaces from just $119.99.

Mercury Elite-AL Pro storage solutions come packaged from Other World Computing with everything needed for immediate plug-and-play operation: all necessary USB and/or FireWire cabling; Intech HD Speedtools utility suite; EMC Retrospect backup software; and a full 2 year Warranty.

OWC’s full line of Mercury Elite-AL storage solutions can be found at http://www.macsales.com/elite

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  1. That 320GB HD of theirs is the sweet spot, here’s a rough dollars per GB check I did on their FW400 + USB2.0 kits.

    $140 / 160 = 0.875

    $168 / 200 = 0.84

    $170 / 250 = 0.68

    $200 / 300 = 0.66666666667

    $196 / 320 = 0.6125 (Wheee!!!)

    $280 / 400 = 0.7 (Booo!)

    $390 / 500 = 0.78

    $570 / 750 = 0.76

  2. P.S. I’ve actually had a few FPs but since there’s no prize (that I know of) I haven’t cared! Maybe there’s some kind of FP hall of fame? Yikes. I’m going outside.

    Don: That was helpful, thanks!

  3. 500 GB drives can be had for around 250-270. Paying almost $150 more these drives is outragious. Who buys this crap? How do they even stay in business?

    It is like Apple, but atleast Apple gives you some value add…these guys put a cheap case around a cheap HD and then margin the hell out of them!

  4. I’m not sure this is a good deal but someone sold me this iMac for $400 is this a bad deal??

    800 MHz G4 central processing unit (CPU chip)
    40 gigabyte ATA hard drive.
    256 megabytes of memory.
    L2 Cache of 256k.
    100 MHz Memory bus speed.
    15 inch LCD
    1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 32 bit color, driven by 32 megabytes of GeForce2 MX video ram.
    CDRW – DVD combodrive
    3 channels
    2 Firewire channels that allow up to 400 Mb/sec
    Internal 56k Apple modem
    10/100 Base T Ethernet Original software
    Apple Pro keyboard and Apple Pro mouse

  5. With superlatives like this:

    “it is not just a storage solution, it is the modern technology solution that lets consumers own the future today”

    who can argue!!!???!!!

  6. OWC’s Mercury drives are very good. I have one of their Firewire 400/800 external drives (250 GB) and it works flawlessly!

    And no, I don’t work for them or get any kick-back. Just a happy customer!

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