Apple ‘digital media’ patent application hints at iTunes Movie Store

“On April 27, the US Patent & Trademark Office revealed an Apple patent titled ‘Online purchase of digital media bundles,’ originally filled in May 2005. According to the patent, it appears that Motion Pictures and e-books are coming to Apple’s iTunes Music Store, as noted in this report,” neo reports for Macsimum News.

Full article with details of the patent application here.
Apple appears to be getting all of their ducks in a row before releasing new content via iTunes Store and new “true” video iPods.

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  1. I love the way Apple’s engineers fully think through the user interface in their OS and Apps. As I’ve started purchasing more video content from the iTunes Music Store the word “music” has increasingly seemed out of date. As”rasterbator” suggested, I hope Apple updates the name of the store soon to reflect the full scope of what they offer.

  2. Uh…
    While this is cool and all, there’s nothing in that patent app that actually “hints” at anything new for the iTMS.
    They’re patenting what they’re already doing; many albums already are coming with included videos and PDF e-books. Yes, all of that could also be used for longer videos, including full-length movies, and books that are a little more in-depth than the CD liner notes … but nothing in this patent is related to that.
    This patent just covers a means of bundling playable media with non-playable media, and presenting it in a usable fashion.

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