Apple Store Southlake Town Square grand opening photos

Apple opened their doors at a few minutes after 10:00am on Saturday, April 8th in Southlake, Texas. There were at least 700 people standing outside waiting for it to open according to MacDailyNews reader “Christian.”

Christian has posted photos of the lines outside the Apple Retail Store on his .Mac website and promises that “pictures of the inside [are] coming soon.”

Christian’s photos are here.

More info about Southlake Town Square Apple Store here.

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  1. Apple sells a digital lifestyle based on a value system of design and innovation. People are attracted to this and want to share with others in the delight that those values bring…the creative challenge in each of us.

    On the other hand Dell and Gateway sell computer boxes.

  2. Ok everyone, what made you stand outside a Apple Store for hours in a line for a “event”?

    1) Was it just because? (reason unknown)

    2) To get a hands on feel for the hardware?

    3) To get a unannounced store discount?

    4) To get “closer” to Apple.

    5) To meet similar minded people, girls/guys?

    Mine was #3, after all I saved hundreds of dollars.

  3. I was there, didn’t go in the store. What’s the point – nothing new except for the disappointing, way below par, stereo thingy. When are we going to see something that would qualify as a real breakthrough. And don’t tell me it’s the 17″ Powerbook. What good is that big thing?

  4. I wonder, what percentage of these people were (1) old-time Mac users and (2) current Windows users?

    Well, Billy Bob, I can only hope that the majority of Mac users living on the prairies of north Tejas users felt the same as you. This would mean that the majority of people waiting were curious Windows users or Windows users desperately wanting to buy a Mac.

    Question, what would qualify as a breakthrough product, bubba? Don’t be shy.

  5. maczealot “Question, what would qualify as a breakthrough product, bubba? Don’t be shy.”

    He would know if he saw it.
    Apple has been real slow on introducing anything new.
    How old is the iPod?
    What has Apple introduced that is real new and a “big thing”? Don´t tell me a MacTel computer. Don´t tell me OSX – how long has it been around now?

  6. Quezzie:

    Gee, I wonder why Apple doesn’t hire you guys. Ya’ll just fountains of brilliance, reservoirs of innovation, and veritable store houses of stunning new technologies.

    So, I’ll ask you the same question (read it slowly and repeatedly, this may help with your limited comprehension), “What would qualify as a breakthrough product?” I’ll add one caveat to assist you, “Be specific, otherwise shaddup!” Clear enough for you, Homer?

  7. “He would know (a breakthrough product) if he saw it.”

    I doubt it. If Billy Bob can’t imagine it or visualize it, it’s unlikely that he would recognize it. Unless, of course, someone more intelligent than he would first explain it to him.

    It’s a shame that Billy Bob needs you to speak for him, too. I don’t known what’s worse, the fact that Billy Bob is incapable of responding himself or that you are his devoted little puppet.

  8. @maczelot>>>>>”What would qualify as a breakthrough product?” I’ll add one caveat to assist you, “Be specific, otherwise shaddup!” Clear enough for you, Homer?”

    Wow – u got lots of anger in u maczealot! How about u clueing us in on your breakthrough product ideas.
    What an idiot.
    When did the average consumer of any companies product come up with a “breakthrough product”?

    >>>>>>>How stupid of you to ask.<<<<<<<<<
    Get it?

  9. This is not about me, Homer, it’s about you. You and Queezie made the pointed remarks regarding “breakthrough” products. I suppose that I could be guilty of assuming you self-described geniuses had a clue what these words meant.

    Anger, hardly. More like the disappointment having to read the nonsense people like you consider intelligent commentary and the exasperation of attempting to extract a cogent thought from that meager brain of yours. That’s all. Now I understand how public school teachers feel. It’s more difficult than teaching little monkey’s how to jump and dance.

  10. I didn´t come up with the idea for an Apple iPod, but when I saw it, it was “Wow, great idea!”
    And I have purchased four of them.

    And I second Bob Hickory – maczealot, you have some definite anger issues…plus you are showing your total ignorance in the creative process and the many, many steps it takes to get a product to market. Let alone one that is a “Breakthrough product”.

    Bill Bob felt that Apple has not brought out anything in a while that he thinks is a breakthrough product. That´s his opinion. You seem to have problems with people having opinions.

    Have a nice day, maczealot. Now go crawl back in your hole.

  11. Well, I am bit more disappointed now. I had expected that each of you would finally reveal what a break through product was, and all I get is excuses, digressions, and self-righteous condemnations.

    Well, I guess this only proves that I overestimated your capacity for intelligent discussion or thoughtful insight. Sorry, my mistake, boys.

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