Video: Steve Jobs meets Cupertino City Council

“If you haven’t seen the video of Steve Jobs addressing Cupertino City Council the other night, it’s worth checking out. The really interesting thing about it is the way his performance contrasts with his Macworld keynote speeches. Gone is the polished showman. There’s no slick slideshow or whooping audience (in fact there’s barely an audience at all). And Jobs seems much more nervous talking to the Council members than he does addressing the world’s media at Macworld,” Kenny writes for Mac Vista.

“Note the way he shuffles, scratches and adjusts his glasses. He appears to be almost humble. But is it for real, or another example of Jobs’ supreme communication skills? Among the many things Jobs is good at is talking to an audience. He’s an expert at adjusting his pitch to suit the recipient of his message in order to ensure he gets what he wants. And I think this is what he is doing here,” Kenny writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The maestro plays ’em like a fiddle.

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  1. Greg says Polticians are so predictable. They are/can be more star struck than the average citizen. It looked like a love fest at the end.

    And you guys don’t see that as THEM massaging Job’s Famous Giant Ego?

  2. “If there was a video of Steve taking a dump, so of you would praise and worship it, too.”

    It would be perfect cube of excrement in a gleaming white toilet balanced on an aluminum stand.

  3. But is it for real, or another example of Jobs’ supreme communication skills?

    You do know that he rehearses the keynotes like crazy, right?

    Why one EARTH would he rehearse for this. There you have it.. the difference.

    Analysis of this regarding him being ‘nervous’ is f****g retarded.

  4. Apple haters have this fascination with sh*t… I guess they spend their day imagining all sorts of gross things like that.

    While Apple fans are discussing about the company, its CEO, their computers, software and other electronic gadgets, the Apple haters like to talk about dumps, sh*t and other related fecal matters.

    Seriously, who always brings this topic first?

  5. I saw this the other day… he is a master communicator. Humble Steve, yea right. My brother is in the AV biz, was in the room with Steve and eventually his handler. The handler was late, my brother had the nerve to talk to Steve in the mean time, not good. The handler gave my brother a hard time later. I love Steve’s company, and my brother’s experience was a few years ago, pre-cancer Steve, maybe he’s changed.

  6. Here’s a 2-cent question, MDN.

    Did you know, when 3rd party software is employed to block your advertising, it also blocks your Magic Word anti-comment-spam mechanism??

    If you don’t get rid of the ads, then you will not have a commenting audience spicing things up, which, I’m sure is one of the big draws to this site.

    NO COMMENTS = MDN Ghost town… just has been already said.

    Now you’ll know the whys and wherefores before it happens.

    (3rd party software= Saft/SafariStand/PithHelmet,etc. I had to disable all that stuff just to have the ability to make this comment. How many times are people going to do that?)

  7. Did you know, when 3rd party software is employed to block your advertising, it also blocks your Magic Word anti-comment-spam mechanism?

    Just right-click where the magic word should be and choose “View Image”. That works for me.

  8. MacSmiley: It may shock you, but I think you’ll find that the vast majority of MDN readers and contributors aren’t bothered by these ads. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is the one thing that will cause a mass exodus of readers, but I doubt it. Such dire predictions have been made before, and MDN’s still going strong. If the pop-under didn’t chase the readership away, why would they flee green underlines?

  9. iFaulder – The thing to remember is that Cupertino is tiny. Less than 11 square miles in total area. Population is only 50k. Apple has much more clout in Cupertino than they would have in most of the larger adjacent cities.

    MacBill – SafariBlock works wonderfully. To block IntelliTXT, goto the SafariBlock preferences and add:


    Works for ALL sites, not just MDN!

    MacSmiley – Not a problem with SafariBlock ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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