Autodesk: Support of AutoCAD on Apple Macs running Windows XP not yet settled, too soon to tell

“Macintosh users have long waited for the day when Windows-only applications such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio would run on an Apple machine. ‘Those are really the three big applications … that are missing on the Mac,’ said Scott Michaels, director of professional services for Atimi Software, a cross-platform development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia,” Steve Bryant reports for eWeek. “But while Apple is explicitly endorsing the use of Windows with its Boot Camp software, the company won’t be supporting the software. And it looks like major creative software vendors don’t yet have plans to test their software on Intel-based Macs running Boot Camp.”

“A spokesperson at Autodesk, in San Rafael, Calif., said that support questions haven’t been settled. ‘This just happened the other day; it’s too soon to tell,’ the spokesperson said,” Bryant reports.

Full article here.

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  1. If Autodesk wasn’t a bunch of lazy hacks we would still have a Mac version. They are only interested in milking the building industry. AutoCAD is an incredibly retarded application that only exists because it is the standard. Just like the OS it runs on. Crap.

  2. Andrew

    Whether AutoCAD is crap or not is irrelevant. It’s the industry standard. Try saying “Photoshop is crap, I use Foto-Shoppe it’s much better”, or “I don’t use Flash I use Blink it’s better,” and getting a job from someone in the design industry.

    I hope AutoCAD works perfectly fine on a Mac, then there’s NO WAY my wife is getting a new PC

  3. Is there any reason it shouldn’t run? I mean unless there’s something that Apple isn’t telling us about the hardware, it isn’t much different from most of the x86 based hardware out there, although it is arguably of better build quality, but that shouldn’t cause problems.

    I think this is just them covering their asses or waiting to get permission from MS to admit that it should work just fine. And what the hell does that mean, this only just happened? As if they can’t get to an Apple store, buy an imac, download boot camp, install windows and launch auto cad in a single afternoon? Test time: 3 hours (less if they know what the hell their doing) Test cost: maybe 1800 if they get the fast 20″ imac and don’t have a bazillion copies of windows lying around.

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