Report: iBook replacement due soon, 1.2 million Apple 13.3-inch ‘MacBooks’ on order from Asustek

“Asustek Computer Inc., one of Taiwan’s major contract manufacturers of notebook personal computers, reportedly is ready to swallow up Apple Computer’s orders for 1.2 million Intel processor-powered iBooks,” The China Economic News Service reports. “Apple is expected to launch the new iBooks, the company’s first with Intel processors, sometime in the second quarter of this year. The iBooks embedded with Intel processors will adopt 13.3-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) panels.”

“At present, all iBooks are manufactured by Asustek on the OEM basis. If the 13.3-inch wide-screen iBooks embedded with Intel processors find a warm reception in the market, Asustek will be able to see substantial growth in total sales. Apple said the 13.3-inch iBooks would supplant existing 12.1- and 14-inch models,” The China Economic News Service reports. “According to a survey conducted by DisplaySearch, the 13.3-inch panels were quoted at US$143 each in the first quarter of this year, higher than the US$128 for 14-inch panels and US$142 for 12.1-inch panels. With the influx of orders from Apple, Asustek will ship six million NBs this year. Quanta Computer estimated it would be able to ship one million units of Apple’s MacBook Pro NBs this year.”

Full article here.

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  1. So what do you think… Integrated graphics or dedicated GPU?

    My guess is integrated graphics, especially if the price point for the base is around $999-$1099.. I mean if the cost of the core-duo mini is $799 and you add $143 for the 13 inch display, plus the cost of the additional materials for the case… There is just no way to get a dedicated GPU at that price..

  2. Mike, you bring up a very good point. The Mac mini has the lowest profit margin of any Mac that Apple sells. When you add the additional costs of a laptop, it is unlikely that even with an integrated graphics chip that the MacBook will be able to come in at a price of $999. The current iBooks start at $999 and the new components in the MB cost more, not less.

    As much as I’d like to see the MacBook with a dedicated GPU, I’m gonna have to agree and say that it will use the same integrated graphics chip as the Mac mini.

  3. at all costs they have to price the macbook as competitively as possibly.
    this is the most important consumer notebook Apple have released so far, in terms of apples current position of making real in-roads into greater market share, and customer awareness.

    They have to possibly make less profit than they would like. They are making extremely healthy margins on the ipod, so it will balance out.

    an affordable notebook running the greatest os in the world (about to get even better with Leopard) with the new security blanket option of running windows, and you will get alot of people moving over and buying a mac.

    the price has to be extremely competitive with the generic pc vendors like dell and HP though, other wise people wont switch.

  4. Definitely integrated graphics in the new MacBook, which will be plenty sufficient for the target demographic. Pro users and gamers have the MacBook Pro if a dedicated GPU is needed.

  5. Regarding the integrated graphics, from everything I’ve read on the new Mac mini, it’s actually superior to the old PowerPC with dedicated GPU, provided you add more RAM (which is always a good idea anyway). I can’t remember where I read it, but if I remember correctly, Core Image allows integrated graphics on a Mac to run circles around IG on Windows, so maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

    Doubting Thomas, are you doubting the details of the MacBook or it’s eventual existence? I don’t think there’s any way that it won’t see the light of day in the very near future. The iBook was extremely popular, they’ll definitely replace it with a like model.

  6. One thing to consider is that CPU prices are dropping. I read a report saying that Intel will drop their prices again in May. Each price drops will help Apple to improve their margins on the low cost units.

    I hae to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how well Intel have ramped up their production and have started to drop the price on their chips. This bodes well for Apple in its attempt to gain market share. There was definitely less delay in the shipping of the new macs compared to previous new products.

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