New ‘BMW interface for Apple iPod’ debuts with expanded model availability and features

BMW today announced the debut of a new BMW Interface for iPod that will enable seamless integration of the iPod for the newest generation of BMW models. With the new BMW Interface for iPod this means that seamless iPod connectivity will be available for every current BMW model.

The new BMW Interface for iPod will be available for owners of the new BMW 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagons as well as the 5, 6, and 7 Series. It will also be available for the new M5 Sedan and M6 Coupe. It will enable audiophiles to bring their entire music collections with them, plug directly and effortlessly into a superior sound system while maintaining uncompromised control over their driving experience. Since the new Interface is compatible with SIRIUS satellite radio as well as the recently introduced HD Radio, owners will be able to enjoy a broad selection of high fidelity broadcast music sources as well. The original BMW iPod Adapter will continue to be available for 2002 and later BMW models: X3, X5, Z4, and previous generation 3 Series.

The original BMW iPod Adapter was the world’s first seamless integration between iPod and a vehicle audio system. The new Interface will also allow users to incorporate their iPods directly into their car’s sound system, but with the newly available capability to sort their music according to their own playlists, as well as by artist, album, genre, podcast, and finally, a random selection of 500 songs from the user library. Artist, album, and song title will appear in the Display Monitor.

The seamless integration of iPod makes it effortless for drivers to control their music through their existing audio system and the multifunction steering wheel. The new BMW Interface for iPod enables drivers to easily access their entire music library, shuffle songs, skip between tracks and adjust volume — all of this with no loss of sound quality or driving control.

The new Interface is compatible with all iPods with a dock connector, including the iPod nano and the fifth generation iPod. The BMW iPod Interfaces integrate the iPod through a direct connection in the BMW glovebox, providing outstanding sound quality and constant power to the iPod all while your iPod remains protected and out of view.

The new BMW iPod Interface will be available for customers to purchase at BMW centers beginning in July 2006. Pricing has not been determined.

Features and operation may vary depending on vehicle model and option content. Consumers should check with their BMW centers for specific application restrictions or visit:
In related news, Edsel Aftermarket announced the debut of the Edsel Interface for Dell DJ Ditty that will enable the unique integration of the soon-to-be-discontinued with the long-defunct. Napster subscription sold separately.

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  1. I for one have been waiting for a real solution to get my iPod in my 2006 5 Series.

    I currently use the ExtremeMac radio adapter and it is fine for podcasts, but music sounds horrible. I am calling my dealer right now… of course they will have no clue what I am talking about seeing as how the BMW website hasn’t even been updated yet. I wish people would coordinate their ads and press releases!

  2. “The new Interface will also allow users to incorporate their iPods directly into their car’s sound system, but with the newly available capability to sort their music according to their own playlists, as well as by artist, album, genre, podcast, and finally, a random selection of 500 songs from the user library. Artist, album, and song title will appear in the Display Monitor.”

    Geez, my $14K Scion xA’s iPod connection will do all that. Well, except that my library is not limited to only 500 tracks.

  3. Mercedes Benz has had this same thing for a while and I have it in my E Class. It is awesome. The iPod display shows up on the dash and I control the iPod with the steering wheel buttons. I haven’t turned on the radio since I got it. (not even Sirius)

  4. Too bad Jeep dropped the iPod integration in this years models.

    You can hook up a via a stereo mini input jack in some basic new Jeep models (no sat. radio), but they seem forgo that option if you get the satellight radio.

    So it’s back to FM transmitters. Screw Jeeps, they are for whimps anyway.

    Local bar got satellight radio over a iPod because it was maintainence free and the sound volume was all the same (unlike iTMS, ripped music) then the sat radio started to have DJ’s talking and mixing genre’s of music, now they wish they had the iPod back but stuck with the sat. radio contract.

    I wish the sound check worked better in iPods, would have solved a lot of problems.

    You can’t win sometimes.

  5. The Microsoft integration for their device will require that you actually use the steering wheel to navigate and control their ‘iPod Killer’.

    Shortly thereafter many Microsoft “iPod Killer” users will slam their cars into telephone poles, bridge abutments, and oncoming cars in an attempt to turn the volume down on their devices.

  6. For those not lucky enough to own a car from a company that makes an iPod connection available as an option, you should check out Dension USA’s products: They have products for almost every make/model of factory or after market car audio deck.

    I got an IceLink Plus for my 2005 Mazda 3 Sport, and it works great! I can control the iPod through the factory deck and steering wheel audio controls. I installed it myself with the iPod in the glove box like the BMW option. I just leave my iPod in the glove box all the time so it’s always there when I want to listen to music in the car.

    I only take it out in the Winter and extremely hot summer days to spare it from extreme temperatures.

  7. The interface looks really poor to me. I would want to have the same interface as on the ipod itself – not simply to be able to use 5 playlists.

    What they need is an LCD display that can replicate the ipod display.

    I’m really surprised that the car manufacturers don’t get this.

  8. To people not lucky enough to be able to go out and buy a new BMW – or any other car with iPod connectivity – check out the following options…

    Dension’s ICELink – as mentioned by Andy C earlier

    Monster Cable’s iDrive.

    Harman/Kardon Drive/Play

    Any number of aftermarket stereos from the likes of Alpine, Clarion, Pioneer, etc.

    My MD has recently installed a Pioneer stereo in his Evo VI with the iPod connection kit, and it works brilliantly; now if only he had any musical taste that would be fabulous.

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