Intel-based Mac vs. Dell and HP running Windows XP

“You’ll forgive me if I seem a little confused these days. Despite the fact that I work in a lab full of Macs, I spend more of my time lately staring at Windows XP than at Mac OS X,” James Galbraith writes for Macworld. “It’s not that I’m mulling over a platform switch—rather, this XP overload is part of Macworld Lab’s efforts to see how Microsoft’s operating system performs on Apple hardware now that software exists that enables you to boot into XP on an Intel-based Mac. With the help from our sister publication, PC World, we’ve been running the WorldBench 5 real-word benchmark suite on all of our Intel systems to gauge cross-platform performance.”

Galbraith reports, “Even with Boot Camp, it still takes a couple of hours to set these systems up. But once running, they’ve been very stable… the Macs running Windows gave these PCs a run for their money, with the 2.16GHz MacBook Pro turning in the fastest scores on three of the five individual tests. The build-to-order MacBook configuration also tied the 2.16GHz HP Compaq in the sixth test…”

Full article, with WorldBench 5 results compared to three computers recently tested by PC World, here.

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  1. The intel OSX native photoshop should be amazingly fast compared to previous versions, because according to an Adobe dev’s blog, they’re having to get re-write all the decades-old legacy code in order to build CS3 in XCode. That’s why it’s taking so long for CS3 to get out the door.

    It’s that old code that’s been slowing Photoshop down this whole time. Maybe you won’t have to go get a cup of coffee waiting for CS3 to load?

  2. *YAWN*

    What I hear is Adobe isn’t even working on a Mac OS X version of Photoshop CS3.

    Why? Because the Windows version will be able to run under either OS.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. Duh! It’s the same hardware people… should there be any real exceptions??? NO it’s intel processors… they are going to perform the same in each system… it’s the other parts like system bus speed and RAM speed, Video RAM quantity, speed… etc, etc, etc. Why is this news???? What apple is saying is that they are now on a level playing field in regards to HARDWARE. This leaves ONLY the OS and APPLICATIONS as a differentiator.
    So what if you can build a 300 dollar computer, It will ONLY run MS and LINUX so you are locked into their Future HARDWARE and future SOFTWARE, this move by APPLE gives the choice back to the end USER. Something even AMD couldn’t do because it was locked into the x86 architecture. A happy computing person produces more, studies have proven it. Choice makes people happy. I see this as a sucess for APPLE but not a move to challenge MS, DELL maybe but thats another debate.

  4. So how is this going to work? Buy a universal binary of Creative Suite 3 and install it on both the OS X and XP partitions with one license?

    Wow. Magic word Work as In I hope it will work this way.

  5. I heard you heard wrong. There’s already a commitmnent, dude. Wake up and smell the jpegs.

    You’ll see, I was right before.

    Developers want to design code once, not twice.

    Develop one app, just like a universal binary, it will run on either OS.

    No need to run Windows at all.

  6. So how is this going to work? Buy a universal binary of Creative Suite 3 and install it on both the OS X and XP partitions with one license?

    No because CS3 will “call home” for registration/activation just like CS2 does.

    One license, one install. Either OS, same install disks. Walk into any PC store and buy/run what you want.

    And if some developers won’t get onboard the Uni/OS bus, then Apple is going to provide a compatability layer. It will lay between a 100% Windows app and Mac OS X to make it run, but it won’t be as fast.

    It’s already being done.

  7. I’d rather load Linux onto my MacBookPro and use GIMP over having to purchase Windows just to run Photoshop.

    How much of a dollar savings would that be? Let’s see….

    Free Linux + Free GIMP = FREE
    $$$ for Photoshop + $$$ for Windows = $$$$.$$

    There is NO incentive for Adobe to not release the CS3 version of Photoshop. Unless Microsoft buys Adobe.

    Not to mention the all Mac customers NOT on the intel Mac that would upgrade – as usual.

  8. The greatest “holy grail” of Mac OS X is to be able to run all of Windows apps without Windows.

    That’s the reason why fools stick to a inferior OS and why developers keep coding for it. It’s a vicious cycle that reinforces each other.

    Apple is going to break that.

    This “Boot Camp” buisness is only a temporary thing to get switchers. Apple wouldn’t have released it because it does some considerable harm in the long run, but that long run isn’t going to appear.

    PC users will be able to migrate their Windows apps to Mac OS X.

    It’s absolutely brilliant! Go Apple!

  9. Morty, I sure hope you’re right about BootCamp being a temporary “fix” and that eventually Macs will be capable of running Windoze apps native within the OS X interface. It would spell DOOM for M$.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

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