Apple launches a missle at Microsoft with Boot Camp

“Apple launched a missile at Redmond today by releasing software called Boot Camp that allows its super sexy new Intel-based hardware to run Windows XP. For some reason we thought it was going to be the other way around. We imagined the first bomb would be Apple releasing a version of OS X that played on standard Wintel computers which shows how much we know. Is Apple a hardware company or a software company? Boot Camp would seem to imply that they’re first and foremost a hardware company,” Dan Gonsiorowski writes for Seattlest.

Imagine that “you’re a gamer and you dig sexy computers so, man, those Macs do look good. What to do, what to do… Boot Camp. A lot of gamers are going to buy Macs and run Windows XP on them and what that means to Redmond’s bottom line remains to be seen,” Gonsiorowski writes.

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  1. “Is Apple a hardware company or a software company?”

    Apple is a computer company. Anyone who puts more emphasis on their hardware than their software is not paying attention. Apple is, perhaps, one of the greatest software companies in the history of computers. This is, somehow, often overlooked.

  2. This is a shot at Redmond because it makes it much easier to switch. How many windows users will touch windows again after two years of OSX exposure? Apart from gamers maybe. But as others have pointed out, they don’t contribute much to Redmond’s bottom line anyway.

    And just as a general observation: How many times have Steve Jobs made a major mistake since coming back to Apple? How many times has he made a stunning move (not always apparent at the time)?

    Magic word: result, as in we might se interesting result(s) from this.

  3. “Microsoft may be looking down the road and concerned if too many people switch to Mac, but they’re far more concerned about Apple’s iPod, iTMS, and Apple’s next move into the living room than Macs that can dual boot or even virtualize Windows.”

    I agree. This is about shoring up a bulwark of the business, as well as just thumbing your nose at Microsoft (our computer can run two operating systems, your programmers can’t even seem to write one). But the real battle is in other, future devices where Apple’s mastery of user interfaces goes up against Microsoft’s negative design sense and desire to kludge everything up. Round 1, music devices, to Apple. Round 2– remains to be seen.

  4. What a crock of SHIT.

    Apple is both a software and hardware company, always have been!

    There has been so much bullshit on this lately that it is amazing to think that people think they can be one and not the other. That is the windoze world not the Apple world.

    Apple control everything and now they have a grip on the Doze… World.

    Lets see what happens but for Xsake let us all stop this crap about being hardware and not software and visa versa.


  5. Apple is an incredible software company, and the speed at which they write software blows Redmonds minds, but if Apple wants to gain market share, they will stick to their guns and put emphasis on hardware. If I was Apple, I would throw in even more incentive and include iWork with iLife and drop the price of Leopard to $99. How many more features can the average Joe handle at this point. Since you are making your money on hardware, then lose money on software to provide incentive for the PC grapevine. Perfect examples: iTunes for free/iPods rule the world. Micro$oft loses money on Xbox, yet gains market share against Playstation and Nintendo.

  6. I see this hurting PC venders who sell boring PC boxes with Microsoft preloaded. This would also explain why Microsoft has started putting pressure on OEM builders to include a legit copy of Windows OS.

  7. I used to switch back and forth between OS 9 and OS X for about a year and a half on my Titanium, till I finally settled on only OS X.

    I give the Window/OS X switchers on intelMacs about the same, maybe even less time – especially once they discover how safe it feels to be in a virus-free environment.

  8. To even suggest that this is NOT trouble for Microshaft is depressingly short-sighted. Sure, the Boot Camp move looks innocuous enough for now; may even represent an incremental bump in short-term sales for the Redmond gang. But this guy (Gonsiorowski?) instinctively knows, even if he can’t articulate it, what we all do: Boot Camp neatly removes the last real obstacle keeping PCPeople from trying OS X.

    Steve’s plan is clear as day, as MDN has said. Let Windblows users try OS X …and many will switch. Watch that market share jump as all kinds of users, lured by Apple’s gorgeous hardware, stick around because of the software.

    OS X shall rule de world, and that ain’t just the kookaid talkin.’

    PS – It’s kinda nice to see the iPod-is-all-Apple’s-got crowd in silent mode for awhile.

  9. Am I the only one that doesn’t see Boot Camp as a big deal? Bootcamp will not create a herd of new switchers.

    IMHO the only thing that will create a vast number of new swichers is a way to run Windows apps (read that as MS Office and GAMES) without the baggage of Windows.

    Once it becomes possible to run Windows apps at full speed thru OS X then yes, Microsoft, Dell, et al should be worried, until then no.

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