Analyst: Apple Boot Camp could be an opportunity for Mac market share gains

UBS analyst Ben Reitzes believe that Apple’s Boot Camp, released as a public beta yesterday and expected to ship as part of Mac OS X Leopard, could be an opportunity for Mac market share gains. “We believe AAPL could benefit from a significant OS upgrade cycle starting in its December quarter,” Reitzes told clients. “We believe this move positions Apple to gain share with customers reluctant to purchase Macs due to concerns over interoperability with Windows systems (currently over 90 percent of the PC market).”

Reitzes said, “We estimate fiscal December quarter unit growth of 29 percent year-over-year to 1.6 million units and year-long 2007 unit growth of 29 percent to 6 million Macs.” The firm also believes that Boot Camp could help drive profitable software sales with a compelling Mac OS X Leopard upgrade.

The firm reiterated its ‘buy’ rating on the stock and has a $95 price target.

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  1. I can see specialty retail stores buying iMacs for POS rather than the Dulls I see so often. It is so weird to see a very fashionable store using a Dull. With Boot Camp they can buy a great looking iMac and use Windows until they figure out a Mac POS solution for their business.

    In a single day Apple has opened themselves to many more potential customers.

  2. The question lingers – can Apple make enough computers to satisfy increased demand?

    Well, I think they can. Apple no longer manufactures Macs, do they? Factories in Taiwan make them for Apple. Same factories churning out Toshibas and such. With less demand for PCs, the same fab will be able to meet increasing Apple orders. Right? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. This is bad news for Dell and great news for all schools. Now schools can get two enviornments for the price of a Mac. This may make bidding for school computer contracts obsolete. Just buy a Mac and have it all, Mac, Windows and Linux.

  4. “Apple stock was under $60 a few days ago.”

    Yeah, BEFORE “Boot Camp” was announced! What’s your point?

    A year ago AAPL was under $40, a 50% increase from THEN, even.

    Fill in THIS blank, “Sell”:

    Opinions are like ___holes; everybody’s got one.

  5. Don’t think a majority will switch, but a significant number to strenthen Apple and weaken MS.

    My brother in law is bummed though, he was going to build me a new PC for my office, it’s just one PC among 10 macs, to use for testing Websites and IE 6 (shudder)… I cancelled the order and am going to wait for Leopard. The thing that would make this rerally sweet would be Fast User switching of the OSes. I could have both running at the same time and not have to deal with a reboot.

  6. “great news for all schools”

    I hope so, most of the schools in this area have completely switched to PC’s due to some state software that is PC only. It’s a crime the money they spend on these computers and no one teaches the teachers or the school how to get even 10% out of thier machines. Teck support for teachers in some areas is non exisitent.

  7. WhoKnew, go to That may be just what you’re looking for. Even if it isn’t, by this December you WILL be satisfied with somebody’s product, I know.

    Anecdote: A die-hard Wintel associate of mine (who has always secretely coveted my 17″ PowerBook) called yesterday to announce that he and his wife had been looking to replace their aging Dell desktop with a new laptop of some kind. With yesterday’s announcement of “Boot Camp,” they’ve decided to wait for the 17″ Intel PowerBook (this summer?) and have the very best of BOTH worlds!

    That “Sell” idiot in a previous post has no idea what is about to happen in the computing marketplace.

  8. This is not a panacea. I don’t think these analysts understand what is happening here. You need a $300 dollar licensed copy of XP in order for this to work, not an upgrade, OEM, or SP1 disc. That means only hard core geeks are going to pony up for this sort of thing. A typical home user would have to buy the Mac and then add another $300 to get XP. Though, Macs are priced competitively, the additional cost of XP will deter most buyers. This is just a geek toy.

  9. Now that Apple have the computing world’s attention they need to go for the kill and extol the virtues of 10.5 to the now socially aware Windoze hordes.

    If they can convince them that they will have the best of both worlds, AND if the Windoze part shits itself ( which is on the cards) they have an OS backup with ‘Leopard’

    Advertise Apple. advertise….. NOW.

    M$ are doing it with the vaporware Vista OS and promising the world. 10.5 will be a n
    ‘New World’ for them to saviour. Why not go for the kill with Leopard, because we all know it will ship well before Vista.


  10. Boot Camp is a trial balloon just like the first full length movie on iTMS. The real thing will be found in Leopard OS X 10.5.

    Here’s hoping the real thing involves no revenue stream for Microsoft, runs all Windows programs at or near Dell Windows Box speed and will not be a virus, trojan, spyware magnet.

  11. Hey, SELL SELL SELL AT $69!!!! . . .

    Please “SHOVE SHOVE SHOVE IT” up your ass. We don’t need no stinking negativity here.

    And like the song also said, “Talkin’ ’bout your troubles, it’s a cryin’ sin.”

    If you’re gonna quote BS&T, do it right!

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