Dude, you got a Dell?  What are you, stupid?  Only Apple Macs run both Mac OS X and Windows!

By SteveJack

“Apple Computer Inc., the maker of the Macintosh computer and iPod music device, on Wednesday rolled out [Boot Camp, software designed] to run Microsoft’s dominant Windows operating system on its [Macintosh] PCs, a move that could draw millions of new buyers,” Reuters reported today. “By enabling the move to Windows, the world’s No. 1 operating system, Apple hopes to draw people who want Macs, considered by many as easier to use and more stylish, but prefer the Windows operating system.”

The Reuters quote above is typical. People who’ve never used a Mac are about to get a wonderful and shocking awakening. Nobody “prefers” using Windows outside of the Ballmer household – and that’s because the Ballmers are brainwashed. I’m not targeting Reuters here, I’m using their quote as an example of a mindset held by many, many people.

People who have never or hardly used a modern Macintosh have no idea what they’re missing. Because their idea of a “personal computer” is a mediocre Windows box that causes frustration and fails to inspire, these Windows-only PC users cannot figure out why people buy and use and extol Macs. Loving their computer is such a foreign idea to them that they are forced to jump through mental hoops to explain it all away. Mac users are “fanatics,” “cultists,” and worse. Anything, but the real reason, for that would mean they made the wrong choice: Macintosh is better than Windows.

Now, millions of people in the market for a new PC have a new choice: buy a Dell or HP or Sony or anybody else’s PC that only runs Windows or buy an Apple PC that runs both Mac OS X and Windows. Why would anybody in their right mind buy anything but an Apple Mac?

Millions of Windows-only users will now get to see for themselves what they’ve been missing. We all know what happens when people really try a Mac. They want to use the Mac and they dislike using Windows more and more. Eventually, they figure out ways to use Windows as little as possible or stop using it altogether.

As Mac market share gains come, and they will come, software developers will notice; so will Wall Street.

Today, Apple dropped a hydrogen bomb on the Windows hegemony. Nothing will ever be the same. Immediately affected will be the box assemblers like Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc. Eventually, Microsoft itself will feel the pain as people naturally gravitate to booting into Mac OS X and realizing that Windows is dreck and they can do without it. Today, Apple changed the world, yet again. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride!

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

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  1. This will change evrything, but it won’t be a huge todal wave. Those on the fence will give Macs a try. The user base will continue to expand, as well. In time, all software will have to play more nicely with one another.

    If Apple has Xc0ode for Windows as its next step, wouldn’t it then make Apple’s software the premeir software programming environment, allowing them to absorb windows in the long run?

  2. so this kind of negates the idea that Apple Computer wanted to keep market share growing slowly so that they would be able to keep up with demand…

    MDN MW: big, as in the market share should be allowed to grow in big steps.

  3. This is a sad, mixed blessing. I see the reason for it on a purely business level but the very thought of seeing a Windows desktop framed by Apple hardware makes my stomach churn. If only they would just market the shit out of OS X they wouldn’t have to resort to this.

  4. my ibook rocks, never an issue. In the long run, and off the shelf Mac’s cost is becoming a moot point. Buyer beware, do your homework, read the fine print (see: Dell), and note all the software that comes ‘free’ with Macs.

    mw: study-like your mom told you to do.

  5. Scarbro: That’s silly. We’ve had Windoze desktop framed by mac hardware ever since we had Virtual PC and SoftPC.

    This isn’t a “resort.” It’s an assault.

    MW: “real” as on “get real.”

  6. I feel similar Scarbro, though I do see the sense in it – especially if anyone here is also a gamer and has resorted to buying XP for that purpose and as for me I’ve resisted that and pride myself at being 100% Macintosh (I have 5 Mac’s all networked together).

    Think on this more; since Vista is only a fraction of what Longhorn was, is it conceivable with the recent slip on release date of Vista that M$ should instead just release Vista as Service Pack 4 for XP!

    Well mason yes Mac’s cost a tad more, but also save you a whole lot more in the long run. I for one would rather pay more for something that’ll work instead of paying some IT Engineer to go away on a long-haul vacation and work on their tan with those hourly rates they charge!

    It is quite depressing when your own financial circumstances will only allow you to buy a Windows PC in the hope you’ll be able to afford an Apple Macintosh at a later date only to find you cannot save enough of your earnings through paying to fix your Windows PC only too often.

    With that if you buy cheap (Dell), don’t expect it to work for long or even be close to being reliable.

    I applaud that Japanese Bank for shedding 2,300 Windows PC’s for Apple Mac’s, at last a major player in the business world has taken the intiative, they won’t be disappointed and I imagine laugh at their nearest banking competitor when their computer systems go down in what I could term ‘The Daily Windows Ritual’, and for them to continue on with their business as usual along with gaining on the market at the same time.

  7. Look how excited the Mac community is to be able to run Windows on their computers. So we have people who normally run Windows continuing to do so, with no reason to buy a Mac. Mac users are now purchasing copies of Windows. . .or pirating it, which I find even funnier. And there are those fence people who will buy a Mac, but now must add the cost of Windows on top of the base price. LOL

  8. Uhm, Haha, are you so entirely oblivious to reason that you can think of not a single reason why Microsoft users would buy a Mac? Are you then slothful, arrogant, or just delusional? As far as the Mac community, you demonstrate you superior reasoning skills once again — most Mac users don’t use Windows. So what you’re seeing is a subset of users expressing delight that they can sell the PC they have for those 1-3 programs they have to use for work or for games. I’m sure you do find this funny, but the PC-only manufacturers don’t. Apple has successfully co-opted Sony, Dell, HP, Gateway and the rest of ’em. Not too shabby.

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