Apple’s ‘Boot Camp’ is bad news for Windows-only PC box assemblers

“Apple Computer said on Wednesday that it has released a public beta version of Boot Camp, software that enables Microsoft Windows XP to run natively on Intel-based Macs,” Candace Lombardi reports for CNET News. “‘This solves a lot of potential holdups to Macintosh adoption,’ JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg wrote in a blog posting Wednesday. ‘Overall, (this is) a nice tactical move by Apple that will make their platforms and systems much more attractive.'”

“Paul Jackson, an analyst at Forrester Research, predicts that home users previously daunted by a fear of incompatibly with their work PC and a strong desire to hold on to Windows-based programs may now make the jump to Macs,” Lombardi reports. “Apple’s move is great for Microsoft, Jackson said, since it will mean extra sales of XP, but it’s bad news for PC makers that previously didn’t have to worry about competing for market share with Apple. ‘Apple machines are excellently manufactured, and the performance is far superior,’ Jackson told CNET ‘But companies like Dell and HP never really had to worry about competing with Apple in the hardware market. Now you can go in, look at those gorgeous Mac Minis and MacBook (Pros) and view them as a normal PC. You can run XP and never touch OS X, if you don’t want to.'”

“‘In short, we believe this news, more than any news in recent memory, provides a critical boost to Apple’s ability to gain share in the PC market,’ a JPMorgan Chase analyst report said,” Lombardi reports. “Deutche Bank issued a ‘buy’ for Apple Computer stock on a prediction of share gains.”

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  1. but.. you SILL have to somehow convince XP users to pay MORE for a Mac than for a PC. Yeah.. i know… they don’t really cost as much once you add in the software….. but.. that doesn’t matter…. its all about the initial purchase price, and the conception that PCs are cheaper….

  2. Can you imagine the huge Windows community interest in Apple’s upcoming August WWDC and Steve’s intro for Leopard?!

    Tens of millions of people, with no previous interest in Macs, will be shown how good Mac really is!

    People with OS X and XP side-by-side will see the obvious differences. They will see how much maintenance XP really requires compared to their very unobtrusive Mac. They will also see a speed difference; one that can no longer be dismissed by hardware differences.

    This entire move smacks of Jobs’ marketing and computer genius!!


    Where are you now, MacDude? You TOOL!!!


    Say GOODBYE to your PC making butt buddies. Dull and Herpes-Pusswad and all the rest!! They can’t make decent hardware if their lives depended on it . . . AND NOW THEY DO!!!!!!!!




    Apple ROCKS!!!

    And you SUCK.

  4. I wouldn’t say “never touch Mac OS X” since you have to install Boot Camp and walk though the process before installing XP.

    By the time you do that, though, you might be wondering why bother with XP since Mac OS X is such a nice experience. It’s the way computers SHOULD work. I do look forward to playing my PC games on my far superior Mac system.

    I also wouldn’t categorize Macs as being Faster, unless you mean, by purchasing a system with superior components you’ll get a faster system. You can BYO a faster system than what Apple sells. Some laptops are faster than the fastest Apple MacBook Pro. But they don’t run OS X.

  5. You whiners are calling MacDude names and wishing bad things upon him based on last week´s news (or lack there of).
    Give him a break, nobody could disprove him, just slandered him.

    MacDude, I welcome your thoughts on this new development.

  6. Apple will sell a few computers to Windows diehards that want a “pretty PC.” However the bulk of the people using Boot camp (and any future virtualization software in Leopard) will be doing so to run OS X. As of today, you can switch to mac even if you occasionally need to run a windows Application. Or you can try Mac OS X with the assurance that if you don’t like it (yeah, right) you can just run windows. Need autocad once a month, you can still use a Mac the rest of the time. This will not increase sales for Microsoft, but it will speed the acceptance of Mac OS X as there is no reason not to try it if you are not sure. As more Mac’s get out there and people begin complaining that they have to reboot to run their old windows apps the companies will see more pressure for OS X versions.

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