Standard & Poor’s cuts Apple price target from $83 to $68

Standard & Poor’s Equity Research lowered its price target on Apple Computer (AAPL) from $83 to $68, citing valuation concerns and reiterated a “hold” rating on the stock. S&P’s new target price reflects a lower multiple on the fiscal 2007 revenue estimate due to “slowing sales related to maturing of the iPod and MP3 player market, and margin pressure as iPod becomes a larger percent of Apple’s sales mix,” S&P analyst Megan Graham Hackett wrote in a research note Tuesday.

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  1. After reading this, make a change from $68 to $200.00

    During the Leopard install, you are given the option to create specific partitioning to accommodate M$ Vista and Linux. Reformatting your HD is not required. Depending on your processor and RAM, all OS’s can run simultaneously & independently. A (minimum) 150 GB HD is required (250 GB is recommended), and 2 GB RAM (minimum) should you wish to run more than one OS. Dual processors are required for optimum performance, though this may change in 10.5.1 or 10.5.2.

  2. This is great, LOL. Now that the iPod hype-fest is past tense it will be easy to delineate the TRUE value of Apple vs. the fad-induced stock run. Additionally, Apple’s not had to take on a new Microsoft OS release since, oh 2001’ish?

    So far I see lots of sellers, but not many takers.

  3. I still believe Apple will show significantly more growth than its competitors, making it an attractive stock for investors in the longer term. people got too used AAPL rocketing up everyday for three years.

  4. No MDN comment because when it was around $85 MDN was banging the drum for all of us to invest because it was going over $100 and then split.

    To all who invested at over $65….sorry, this show appears to be over for any further fast runups, the stock buying crowd has moved on to a new stock.
    Apple will bump around this level $50 – $70 for the next 6 plus months.
    If Leopard comes out on time and has something really exciting in it (like the rumored booting of Windows – which I doubt) then the stock will jump.
    But the iPod market is maturing (who doesn´t own one or two?), problems with Intel chips (delivery, performance), fewer buying old PowerPC based computers, no pro software available to run on Intel Macs, Steve distracted by Disney fun, competition against downloading movies, possible delay of Leopard, etc., this means it is not the best of moments for Apple.

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