Apple’s 30th anniversary rumors

“Well, there’s apparently a big to-do coming up this weekend. It’s Apple’s 30th Birthday and we’re starting to hear some rumors. First off, there’s the touchscreen iPod. Oh, ho ho. What a wonder that will be. This has a 80-85% chance of actually appearing, and is one of the things I would love to see. Clearly, this would also mean that there will be full movies available on iTunes this weekend, which would be just swell. An anonymous source told me, back when the Hi-Fi was coming out, that the touchscreen iPod was months away, if it were ever to appear, so who knows,” Gizmodo writes.

“Apparently, Jobs and his Flying Monkeys were in talks to get good movie content for the big AV launch. We shall see, won’t we,” Gizmodo writes. “Next, we have the iPod phone… Then we have new MacBooks… A Mac Tablet? …Strangely enough, I haven’t heard of anyone being invited to the ‘launch’ this weekend nor have I heard that it is actually happening. Maybe Apple doesn’t like us, but the radio silence is absolutely weird.”

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  1. Possibility of Anniv celebration – 25%. It’s all hype-75%

    iPhone – no way. It would be cool but it’s not time.

    Large Screen iPod – 50-50 chance. I.R. features would be a nice enhancement (IR keyboard or remote option?). Bluetooth would be a fine addition but would make it more power hungry. 802.11 would be the most power hungry of all. The thing needs outstanding battery life, a slick hot swappable battery system would be great, some of us take 12 hour flights and that’s where you want mobile entertainment the most.

    ProMac – 50/50 chance. Intel has some fast dual core CPU hitting the supply chain. PowerMac sales must be at a standstill. I know 5 people waiting for an Intel ProMac with a killer video card and a 30″ display. A new 6.0 of Final Cut (at NAB) and Logic 8, both tightly tuned to Intel, would be a compelling production package, or better yet, release it now, expiring minds want to buy!

    Mac iBook – 60% chance. With the PC market virtually flat, Intel would love to be selling processors to Apple right now. School buying is coming too. Don’t be surprised if it’s Core Solo only. Don’t be surprised if Core Solo works just fine (like it does in my experimental MacMini).

  2. There’s not PR on it because last time the HYPE was greater than the product….and people cried.

    Keep things on the DL this time…smart move. Make it a COMPLETE surprise.

  3. Just a guess, but I doubt Steve Jobs would feel right “celebrating” Apple’s 30th by releasing non-computer products.

    An idiotic iPhone is not going to shake up the world (that is not a guess). Nor is a video iPod.

  4. Lord Robin, wash your hands.

    We do touch screen systems for corporate business meetings and special events. Our displays include high quality video along with graphics, usually on custom 12″ touch screens.

    In situations where we have healthy white collar adult professionals using the screens, we have no problem with screen giz. As the user base moves towards younger teens (especially those with candy hands) the screens get gunked up, but they’re easy to clean.

    A protective Italian leather case would be a good addition to a slick little iPod HD Widescreen model.

    Besides being used for entertainment, iPods are increasingly being used for education. Many specialty trade show conventions now provide iPods custom loaded with content (included free with a paid admission of only $1195). I know a doctor who has two iPods and has never used iTunes yet.

    A touch screen would be a clever way for Apple to minimize the size and keep the user interface simple. Controls on the sides or back are right out.

  5. Jobs is going to shout an announcement from a window in his house and nobody will hear because there’s been no press invite.

    Nothing is happening like usual this weekend.

    The announcement was made at MacWorld. It was not a hint, it was a statement. No big celebration, except maybe for the employees. 30 years is a long time to be around and as healthy an vigorous as Apple is.

  6. Yes, but Heidi, we’re talking about positioning this as something to watch movies! For getting work done, you bet, touch screens can be dandy. But on an iPod? Remember the furor over scratched nano screens? Just imagine the fun watching a movie on this puppy through the fingerprints.

  7. “They now need to do something to capitalise on that.”

    Speaking of capitalizing, Billy, it’s not MAC, it’s Mac (short for Macintosh, not an acronym), and it’s not IPOD, it’s iPod.

    Sorry, but those along would “could care less” are my big pet peeves.

  8. if apple puts something out this weekend, we’ll know for sure that they’ve silenced all the rumor leakers. there have been so many “retracted rumors” lately, nobody knows what’s going inside all those beautiful labs in cupertino.

  9. Sorry, that should have read, “Sorry, but those along with ‘could care less’ are my big pet peeves.”

    Back on topic, it seems, sadly, that they’re not doing anything for their 30th. The question is, will Google pay homage with some sore of Apple art in their logo on Saturday? If they don’t they lose serious points.

  10. “A possible design for the next generation iPod, resolving smudges/scratches”

    “This design allows the iPod to switch between music and video mode by way of a sliding mechanism. In the “closed” mode, the player appears as current iPods. In video mode, the entire front face of the iPod slides away to reveal the full sized screen underneath. Screen is protected from impact and scratching in music mode.”

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