Apple’s Final Cut Studio 5.1 goes Universal; native support for both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs

Apple’s industry-leading production suite, Final Cut Studio, has gone Universal Binary, with native support for both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs. Final Cut Studio 5.1 brings together the latest versions of four powerful, integrated products: Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2 and DVD Studio Pro 4.

Final Cut Pro 5: Real-time editing for DV, SD, HD, and film.
Make videos and movies in any format with Final Cut Pro 5, a major upgrade to Apple’s award-winning video editing application. It features powerful new multicamera editing, native HDV support, precision editing tools, scalable real-time effects processing, advanced real-time color correction and image manipulation filters and audio control surface support.

Soundtrack Pro: Precision audio editing. Powerful sound design.
Introducing Soundtrack Pro, Apple’s revolutionary new audio editing and sound design application. Use action-based editing to creatively design new sounds, instantly repair imperfect location recordings, add perfect sound effects or musical Apple Loops, save hours bringing audio in and out of your video editor thanks to seamless integration with Final Cut Pro and more.

Motion 2: Advanced animation. Instant gratification.
Motion 2 is Apple’s award-winning professional motion graphics application offering breakthrough functionality and seamless workflow to artists, editors and independent producers. Whether you’re animating broadcast graphics, corporate presentations, feature film titles, or DVD menus, you’ll find an original, fresh toolset and new features such as GPU-accelerated rendering, amazing new filters and effects and more.

DVD Studio Pro 4: Redefining professional DVD authoring. Again.
Whether you produce demo reels, complex commercial titles or anything in between, DVD Studio Pro 4 offers simple, powerful tools for authoring DVDs. The latest upgrade introduces the next-generation of DVD delivery with HD DVD support for both H.264 and HDV and advanced authoring options like Alpha Transitions and multiple video and audio tracks.

More info: Final Cut Studio.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macnut222” for the heads up.]

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  1. Boy Steve Jobs isn’t wasting anytime.

    The Quad G5 is still the performance leader because it has Altivec which the Intel processors don’t.

    So for big jobs that take a long time to render the Quad will kick butt over these new Intel Core Duo’s.

    However life doesn’t stand still, I read a article yesterday that Intel is planning to announce a Quad processor soon. Two of those in a PowerMac will give 8 cores of wonderful power.

    Of course the problem with all those cores is the limited bus speed and only one memory controler per proccessor.

    But 8 cores should do the poweruser very well, not only that, it might be possible to hack Windows Vista to run in a window on Mac OS X, complete with all their programs.

    But I really don’t like the TPM implications with these new Intel chips. Especially EFI, which will allow firmware to contact over the internet before the OS loads.

    Not a good thing for privacy, I can just see the implications for that.

  2. The g5 quad is hella fast. I was running some 1080p High def video in it scaled up to full screen on a 30 inch monitor… I checked the cpu usage and it was under 20%! that is whack. I don’t see how the intel powermacs are going to be faster than the quad… All sorts of reviews when it came out said it was the fastest computer under 10,000.

  3. This is all well and good, but as a suite, it’s too expensive for what I do with it. I’d love to have/buy Soundtrack Pro on it’s own. And what about Final Cut Express? Is it going uni?

    I was told by my local VAR (after a call to their local inside man at Apple), that Soundtrack (which currently comes bundled with FCE, along with Live Type), won’t be upgraded to uni. It’ll be replaced by Soundtrack Pro instead. That would be FANTASTIC if it’s true. No word on Live Type though 🙁

  4. Dual 2.7 Ghz G5 are still the fastest in many case ( many apps é process dont use the 4 cores of the Quad )

    we will forget about the G5 once Intel workstations are out… Apple with alliance with Intel didnt found only a chip that was fast…but a company that can deliver again and again fast chips and upgrades…not some Moto or IBM wanna be @ 3ghz by next year…that never delivers…


  5. @ unfettered

    “Hopefully soon someone will benchmark Motion 2 and FCP 5 rendering on the new machines. I assume the Quad G5 remains the performance leader… for now.”

    Perhaps you can get meaningful numbers from FCP, but Motion’s performance is mainly dictated by the GPU. If there were a G5 with an ATI X1600 it would be interesting.

    As it is, Yes a G5 with a 7800 or Quadro 4500 will beat the stuffing out of a Intel imac/macbook.

    Even an AGP based G5 with a 6800 or ATI X850 would likely beat them.

  6. Those of us fortunate enough to have bought and one component of Final Cut Suite can get the whole thing for a song. I bought Soundtrack Pro back when you could buy it as a standalone. Now I can buy Final Cut Suite for $200. Sweet

  7. “DA, the PowerMacs will get the Xeon/Itanium replacement not a frickin’ CoreDuo.”

    The Xeon/Itanium chips are for servers. My bet: The new PowerMacs (MacPros?) will be utilizing the Conroe Dual-Core processors. Already been tested to give a 300% performance boost in video encoding alone! 4 instructions per clock cycle and you can “piggyback” to get 5 instructions per cycle. Smokin. Don’t believe me or need a reference?

    Download this show in the format of your choosing and listen to Loyd Case talk about it

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