Microsoft’s Windows Albatross, er Vista could slip even more

“More delays to the release schedule for Windows Vista revealed Friday suggest that problems with shipping the OS may be broader than Microsoft has admitted,” Elizabeth Montalbano reports for Macworld UK. “Beta testers familiar with Microsoft’s plans to release test versions of the OS said that although Microsoft has said Vista development has been delayed a few weeks, the date the OS will be released to manufacturers has been pushed back two months.”

“In a hastily scheduled conference call Tuesday, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services division announced that the consumer versions of Vista would not ship on PCs until January 2007, though business customers will have access to Vista before the end of the year through the volume licensing channel. This means Microsoft and its hardware partners will miss selling Vista PCs during the busy holiday shopping season in the US between late November and late December,” Montalbano reports. “Allchin characterised the delay in development as ‘a few weeks’ on Tuesday’s call. But a two-month change in the RTM of the product clearly suggests development is off track by more than that. Moreover, analysts said missing its target date for the holiday season gives Microsoft breathing room to push back Vista’s release even further into 2007. PC sales are typically slower in the first and second quarters of the year, said Joe Wilcox, an analyst with Jupiter Research. ‘Microsoft missed the holidays, so January might as well be July,’ he said.”

Full article here.

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  1. Vista: wave of the future, whenever it is released.

    Apple: download some tunes

    MacIntel: Steve’s surrender

    Other than unreliable widgets, OS 10.xxxxxx
    is little more than XP now. When Vista hits, the Macs will be history – just as Steve has planned.

  2. From Micro$oftopoly
    To Mr P. Thurott

    Here is your copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3. This was previously known of as Windows Vista and Longhorn prior to that. Please hold your opinions and comments from publication until at least January 1, 2010 as the copy you have is a preview.

  3. I’ll put money on two thirds of businesses not upgrading to VISTA for a few years, if at all. VISTA will cost more from every angle and deliver no more, just in a slower more complicated way that will make systems break down more often and as the final nail in its coffin, will probably be no less insecure than what has gone before.

    Its days are numbered, for sure.

    Andiamo Apple!

  4. Balmmer ” we have great things in the pipeline”

    YEa, they are perpetually in the pipeline. This still isn’t a big deal because has anyone mentioned the word VISTA to your average windohs user?
    They don’t have a clue what your talking about, except in geek circles.
    People can’t be mad at a company for a new OS when they don’t even know one is “in the pipeline”
    The can delay all they want, regular folks are happy with their XP.
    But it is fun to watch 5 years of delays from MS. EVEN more fun when it becomes 6+.

  5. Official Release date is set to 30th of February.

    I really don’t understand why they are adding ‘Beta’ to their products. I mean, everybody knows their products are in Beta, always. Zctually, they have never finished a product.

    MW: not, as in: M$ will NOT ship this beast, ever!

  6. “Most companies will wait until Vista’s Service Pack 1 is released, and then a few more additional months to insure that SP 1 is itself stable and fully compatible with their needed software.”

    Don’t you mean Service Pack 4 (at least)!

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