Tech writer: Forget booting Windows on Macs, now is the time for Apple Mac to take back share

“I said I wanted it: A Mac that can run Windows. With Apple Computer’s transition to Intel microprocessors well under way, I joined the chorus of Macheads who said they wanted to boot Microsoft’s Windows in addition to Mac OS X. Now that it’s possible, I’m not so sure I’m willing to take the leap. At least not yet,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek. “At first glance they help make a compelling case to Apple that it should at least consider enabling users to install Windows easily, should they need it. And there’s little doubt that some do need it.”

“However, to me there’s some poetic irony in the timing of the contest. It precedes, by a matter of days, an announcement by Microsoft that the consumer version of Vista, the next revision of the Windows operating system, will be delayed until January 2007,” Hesseldahl writes. “Even before the delay was announced, there was a certain illogic to the idea of running Windows on a Mac. As one commenter on observed: ‘We’ve figured out how to put an inferior OS on more expensive hardware!’ That way, he says, you can have both the frustrations of Windows and pay a lot for the equipment.”

“Windows certainly is inferior. But like taxes and carbon emissions, many people find it a necessary evil for getting along in the world. I dislike the way Windows gets in your face all the time with system messages, and how it requires so much hand-holding… Indeed, this is no time to make nice with Microsoft and Windows. Now that it’s got a little extra time before Vista is available to consumers, Apple should make every effort before January to take all the market share it can. This a time to go on the offensive: Bring back the ‘Switchers’ TV ads that portrayed happy Mac converts telling their personal stories of Windows unhappiness followed by Mac-inspired bliss. Ellen Feiss, call your agent! It’s time for Apple to publicly flog Microsoft for a long string of slipping development schedules,” Hesseldahl writes. “A day may come when it makes sense for Apple to get serious about offering Macs that boot to Windows easily. But it’s not this day. This is the time to fight.”

Full article in which Hesseldahl also offers ideas for Apple Mac TV advertisements here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “dix99” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve stated many times before, Apple needs to tell the world via TV spots about Mac OS X and why choosing a Mac would be a far better choice for personal computer users than Windows. That Apple has waited this long and continues to do nothing is criminal.

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  1. We do not need a Mac that can run Windows, but simply need some of the Windows only software to be ported to the Mac. Probably not possible for many in-house apps, but at least it would be a step in the right direction, then, maybe more specialized Windows-only apps would quickly be ported to the Mac…

    MDN Magic Word: “image”, as in imagine that!

  2. “Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,

    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,

    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation,

    We have assumed control,

    We have assumed control,

    We have assumed control!”

    ~ Neil Peart, 2112

  3. Not to mention there’s just no damned reason to upgrade to Vista.

    Higher system requirements and a fancy looking new suit do not make it a compelling upgrade!

    The postponed release of Vista is to buy MS a little more time to see if they can think of anything else to glom onto the tired old underpinnings.

  4. The last para was great:

    Apple’s new operating system is stable, reliable and easy to use. The applications are simple, gorgeous and work well together. And they’re here. Today.

    And what ‘they’ need to realise is that Mac market share is, and has been for some time now, rising…

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