BusinessWeek poll: Will you buy an Apple Mac due to Microsoft Windows Vista delay?

BusinessWeek is currently running an online poll:

Will Microsoft’s decision to delay the next version of the Windows operating system change your PC purchase plans?

• Yes. I was hoping to upgrade before the holidays, and now I’ll have to wait till 2007 (current results: 12.2%)
• No. If Vista isn’t ready by the time I buy, so be it. I’ll expect a free upgrade when it’s available (14.9%)
• I wasn’t planning to buy a new computer any time soon (22.9%)
• I do intend to buy a new computer — an Apple (48.2%)
• Not sure (1.8%)

There are 342 total votes so far. Vote here.

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  1. Call me a spoil sport, even if it is fun to speculate. But worldwide computer sales for 2005 were something like 200,000,000, with the so-called holiday sales representing about 30%, or 60,000,000. Do you really think 58% of those people, or roughly 35,000,000 people, are going to completely, totally change their computing comfort zone, simply because there’s a couple of months delay in Vista?

    As an Apple user, I’d say those people would be far better off if they did, but it’s not going to happen.

  2. It was at 48% for buying a Macac several hours before the story ran on MDN.

    What doubters and sceptics there are. You only have to read the tone of the press everywhere to see that Apple is being touted as the next big thing. This is just ONE more.

  3. jay – it isn’t the fact that everyone is going to switch at once, we know that isn’t an option, what is important is that the Mac is on the radar and for people to understand that if they go that route they are in good company. Or, if not good company, then lot’s of it.

  4. What about the “I’m an existing Mac user, when I buy another computer it will definitely be another Mac. I wouldn’t touch windows, Vista or otherwise with a barge pole. This delay makes no difference to me other than proving that my decision to not use windows is the right one” option?

  5. Steve Jobs sold nearly half of his Apple shares on 3-19-06, why should we buy now? He sold at 32 percent off the share price high. Analysts are forecasting share price to $100 this year. What does he now that don’t about future earnings? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”question” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Macaday:

    Absolutely! You’re right, that’s the important thing. I got caught up too much in the numbers. The really important thing is that all the presses’ publicity about the delay only helps Apple.

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