Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Ireland to roll out Apple Mac solutions in 3,500 primary schools

“Teaching through film is helping Ireland’s children learn key skills in communication, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking, according to the Minister for Education and Science, Mary Hanafin. The Government’s FÍS film project has proved such a success that all of Ireland’s 3,500 primary schools will soon be using film right across the teaching curriculum,” Apple’s UK website explains. “Apple technology is at the centre of this unique education project. ‘The three watch words for FÍS are simplicity, connectivity and creativity,’ says Creative Director Ciarán McCormack. ‘Apple gets ticks in all three boxes. The hardware and the software are so intuitive that teachers and children can just get on with what the project is all about — making and using films to learn.'”

“FÍS is a Gaelic word meaning ‘vision.’ In English, it neatly works as an acronym meaning ‘Film in Schools’ — a simple name to describe a project with an ambitious aim. First piloted by the Irish Department of Education and Science in 1999, FÍS was introduced to support Ireland’s new primary school curriculum,” Apple’s UK website explains. “A pilot scheme was so successful in 31 Dublin and Cork schools that six years later, well over 100 primary schools are using film to enrich their studies. FÍS plans to support the use of film in all of Ireland’s 3,500 primary schools by the end of 2006.”

Full article here.

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  1. Films across the curriculum? Awesome.

    Last year, my students and I used my own personal Macs to make a movie about a journey through the solar system. This year we won a grant from Best Buy to add Macs and camcorders to our classroom. I appreciate this news about Ireland’s program, as it will be a great model from which to draw ideas.

    Our fifth grade classroom site:



  2. Another bunch of smart Europeans who know Mac’s are better.

    At least until Vista arrives and then it’s back to “being compatible” with the rest of the world argument all over again.

    Well, at least they might be able to boot Vista eventually.

  3. Does this mean on St. George’s day, England will announce 35,000 Macs for English schools? No, of course not, because there’s never a St. George’s Day celebration in England. Pathetic.

    Back on topic, well done to the Republic. They’ve just assured the next generation of Irish musicians and directors will be as big as the current bunch.

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