Intel-based Apple Mac runs Windows XP ‘fast, extremely well’

“The Texas man who jumped-started the effort to get Windows XP to dual-boot on Intel-based Macs posted the winning solution on his site Thursday, and said the contest’s cash prize of nearly $14,000 had been won by a pair of Californians,” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb News. “In January, Colin Nederkoorn of Houston began taking donations for a prize to be awarded to the first developer who came up with a way to boot an Intel Mac into either Mac OS X or Windows XP. Within days, he had raised thousands. Nederkoorn had a selfish reason for the contest: He wanted to downsize from two machines — a PowerPC-based Mac and a PC running Windows — that he was using at work to just one, an Intel MacBook Pro he’d ordered as soon as Apple debuted the new systems.”

“Two men collaborated to come up with the solution, said Nederkoorn. Although he said they lived in California, he wouldn’t disclose their names, saying that they wanted to remain anonymous for now,” Keizer reports. “To produce a dual-boot Mac, users must customize a Windows XP installation CD by burning a new disc that includes the custom bootloader files. The Mac must also be partitioned — a disk partitioning utility is included with the machine — so that Mac OS X and Windows XP can co-exist on the same drive. Nederkoorn was very satisfied with the solution. ‘The Mac runs Windows extremely well,’ he said… ‘There are driver issues right now. There’s not a good video driver for Windows XP,’ he said. ‘And the Mac crashes when you shut down Windows. People are going to need to talk to each other and share [information]… I think this could be a big boom for Apple,’ Nederkoorn agreed. ‘On a dual-boot, Windows is directly accessing [Intel’s] Core Duo [processor]. I’ve never had a laptop this fast.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we asked back in early June 2005, using “Dell” as a stand in for all Windows box assemblers, “Why buy a Dell when Apple ‘Macintel’ computers will run both Mac OS X and Windows?” Wait until Wall Street figures this one out. With a few issues left to iron out, it’s almost time to shut down the company and give the money back to the shareholders, Mikey.

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  1. “Intel-based Apple Mac runs Windows XP ‘fast, extremely well'”

    So f-ing what. XP runs fast on POS Gateways too.

    MDN, please stop reporting on this. Now that we’ve climbed Everest and have XP on a Mac, let’s all clean our collective shorts and boot back into Mac OS X.

    Hey is there a prize if I get TRS-DOS (ancient Radio Shack DOS) running on a Mac? There might be some apps there I’d like to run on a Mac too.

  2. Yes this is good news, I also want to get rid of my Windows machine and consolidate to MacBook Pro only. Those who whine “Why would anyone want to boot Windows on their Mac” are nuts. Why have two machines?? Some of us need to access Windows apps and web pages that are not accessible on Macs. Uh . . . has anyone ever heard of Quickbooks Online Edition?? Can’t access that site on a Mac, period. My whole business is run on QBO Edition and I can’t access the site through my MBP. It’s not that we’re crazy or want to invite viruses, we don’t want two machines. Call me crazy but I’m dying to see Windows on Intel Macs.

    Does anyone know if this new hack will include Windows Vista?

  3. MDN please continue reporting and updating us on the progress of this latest discovery. Disregard the individuals with no business sense. This is big for Apple and any switcher on the fence. This will sway buyers if they realize they could continue to use their “important” Windows apps on a Mac and using the Mac as their primary machine for email, browsing, etc. More people using Macs, means more software developed for the platform. How stupid can some of you be??? This is huge asshats!

  4. ‘And the Mac crashes when you shut down Windows.’

    Anything more to say? Please, stick to your OS’ses:

    Mac runs OS X
    PC runs Windows

    Anything else is perhaps needed, but still far away from running stable.

  5. This is great news: The Blue Screen of Death comes to the Mac! Whooopeee!

    “And the Mac crashes when you shut down Windows.”

    But is a Mac if it’s running Windoze? Maybe its an Apple PeeCee? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. After a complex sequence, anyone can ram-jam a Ford engine into their Porsche using these instructions. It makes it run as fast as other Fords, but it still has most of the maintenance problems of Ford engines.

    Ah… okay… your point is what…?

  7. If you have no need to run Windows on your mac, that’s great. Really. I’m happy for you.

    However, please understand that many of us DO have a real need to run Windows. I can understand that from the perspective of someone who doesn’t need Windows, putting it on a Mac can seem like a stupid or pointless idea. Would those people try to understand that from our perspective it is a huge leap forward in the functionality of our mac?

    Obviously we would all prefer to have some sort of virtualization or emulation solution, but until that comes along, this is by far better than VirtualPC.

    So please, please shut up with the “ZOMG WHY RUN WINDOZE ON A MAC WTFWTF” comments, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

    Thanks MDN for covering this and for recognizing the importance of this to the mac platform, and many of its users.

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