Apple releases Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 for Mac OS X 10.4.5

Apple today released Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 which “improves security and reliability and is recommended for all users.” Security Update 2006-002 v1.1’s notes describe the same updated components as Security Update 2006-002: apache_mod_php, CoreTypes, LaunchServices, Mail, rsync, and Safari, but is now version 1.1. Additional information is not yet available and the update is not yet available via Software Update.

More info about and download link (13.9MB) for Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 Mac OS X 10.4.5 for PowerPC here.

More info about and download link (15.4MB) for Security Update 2006-002 v1.1 Mac OS X 10.4.5 for Intel here.

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  1. How many patches does it take to fix this OS…

    Maybe this will fix the largest threat to the Apple OS

    – if a disguised file such as a .mov that actually has a terminal script that will delete all of the files in a users directory is placed on a computer…

    (placed as in, a user on a shared work station at a business or in an academic setting copies the file to the desktop)…

    …and the next user comes along and double clicks on the bad .mov file the damage will be done, the files will be deleted!

    So I ask you, how is an IT professional going to protect a work station from from an OS that is unable to distinguish between a “safe” file and a malicious script…

    The Apple OS is a very dangerous place… one click on a .txt file and all of your files could be wiped out!


  2. iDon’t,

    Clearly, OS X is not YET perfect, nor will it ever be in all likelihood.

    However, it is LIGHT YEARS beyond anything Microsoft presently offers or WILL later this year, early next. (Vista, Vista, where are thou?)

    I employ both Mac and Windows machines in my small company, and today I used the Windows Update function to bring my copies of XP Pro up to date. (Last time was about a month ago.) OH MY G**! I have spent most of the afternoon today patching the OS (the new malware removal tool was a real hoot) and the XP Office applications.

    Indeed, OS X is nowhere near perfect. But, by comparison, Microsoft’s products are nothing short of time-eating grotesqueries!

  3. Hmmm this makes three security updates in the last couple of weeks.

    Oh, don’t forget the OfficeMac and Flash security updates as well.

    Dave W.’s little Mactel Mini was successfully hacked you know, the given story was just a cover.

    Just rememeber, MacDude told you Mac OS X was still insecure and you refused to beleive him.

    Now I guess you’ll listen to him next time.

    Here’s another security issue he found.

  4. Sput, “woulda,” “shoulda,” “coulda,” “mighta,” etc., does not equate with real-world threats. The truth is that your job (if you are, in fact, employed) is guaranteed by the plethora of viruses, infections, spywares, trojans, and adware (= VISTA) that exist within the Windows environment. Theoretical threats to OS X may curl your hair, but given the computer terrorism you’ve had to live with in the “real IT world,” I’d bet you’re as bald as a cue-ball!

  5. I admit, MDN does deserve a bit of flak, they deserve it for the way they go on about patches to patch the patch that didn’t patch the last patch, etc, etc.

    But to Sputnik et. al, you’re sorely mistaken if you think this is anything to go on about. Most likely they found a problem that prevented some people from being able to install the previous version of the patch, so they corrected it. Otherwise it would be showing up in Software Update for those people who have already applied the earlier version.

    Move along people, nothing to see here.

  6. My XP machines have had three updates this week and my Windows 2000 machines have had “several” updates this week. Yes OS X is inferior to those OSs… get a life some of you.

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