Woz raises $150 million with Acquicor IPO

“Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak raised $150 million through an initial public offering for Acquicor, a company designed to buy promising tech companies and take them public. Acquicor plans to acquire businesses in the technology, multimedia, or networking sectors with the aim of making their products converge. The firm is led by Gil Amelio, the former CEO of Apple who helped to bring Steve Jobs back to Apple only to be replaced by him in 1997. During Mr. Amelio’s tenure, he bought Mr. Jobs’ NeXT and launched Mac OS 8, but watched the stock drift down to a 12-year low. Mr. Amelio is currently a senior partner at Sienna Ventures, a VC firm based in Sausalito, California. Mr. Wozniak will act as executive vice president and chief technical officer,” Red Herring reports.

“The firm listed on the American Stock Exchange on Tuesday under the ticker AQR.U, selling 25 million units consisting of one share of common stock and two warrants at a price of $6. The warrants, which may be exercised at a strike price of $5, will separate from the shares when the underwriters exercise their option to purchase another 3.75 million units,” Red Herring reports. “The units closed at $6.80 at the end of their first day of trading and were trading recently at $6.89.”

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  1. Buy a computer company that sells a computer with built-in Basic,costs less than a mac mini,and lets you connect add-on boards, so you can ADD as many processers as you want.
    Or even better START one. I miss what there was in the ol’ days—you know, like in the original Apple ][. Third parties could make ALL programs integrate with Basic.

  2. Gil Amelio may have been in charge when OS 8 came out but I thought it was the Next engineers that made it possible.
    Nothing against Gil, he was a good CEO. Unfortunately for Gil, what Apple needed at the time was a CEO capable of performing miracles.

  3. O comon guys, we all knew he is __ks as a CEO. But well, I still want to give credit to Gil, because HE SAVES APPLE from dust.

    Why? Because during his time, he;
    1) bought over NeXT
    2) brought Steve back to Apple.

    Without this two great moves, where would Apple be today?

    Correct guys?

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