Windows XP booting on an Intel-based Mac?

“It looks like someone may have finally gotten Windows XP booting on an Intel-based Mac. narf2006 posted a series of photos in his Flickr account, showing what appears to be XP Pro booting up on an iMac Core Duo,” Mac on Intel reports. “Some are holding out for verification of this alleged achievement, given the difficulties involved in finding true victory. We will keep everyone posted on the latest surrounding this news.”

Full article here.

“We’re still a little dubious about this one, but word is out that one narf2006 has successfully installed Windows XP on an Intel iMac, has gotten it to boot (despite the EFI issue, and apparently after extensive hacking), and is now asking for volunteers to test his process on other Intel-based Macs. And that last bit is really what has us thinking this may be more than just the latest Photoshop art project,” Marc Perton writes for Engadget.

Full article here.

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  1. that’s not true PC Everywhere. because we’ll have Leopard, then MS will have another superior OS to try and copy although it will take them 5+ years to do so and still wont get it right.
    Rememberht e old sayings , windows when you have to, Mac when you want to.

    Another classic was Windows 98 equals Macintosh ’84
    Shall we keep going ???

  2. Observers will interpret interest in getting Windows on a Mac as evidence for interest in Windows.

    i really hope those Darwine people beat this to market. Windows apps without Windows is where the real interest is.

    Does anyone have any real numbers on how big a segment of the computer buying world gamers actually represent?

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