Microsoft releases Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.3 Update

Microsoft today released Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.3 Update.

“After you install this update, you can use Mac OS X Sync Services and Spotlight searches to sync and find Entourage items, use smart cards with Entourage 2004, and enjoy improved overall security and stability when using Microsoft Word 2004, Excel 2004, PowerPoint 2004, and Entourage 2004. This update also includes all of the improvements released in all previous Office 2004 updates,” Microsoft states on their “Mactopia” website.

Applies to: Microsoft Office 2004 Standard Edition, Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition, Office 2004 Professional Edition, Entourage 2004.

More info and download links for various languages here.

MacDailyNews Take: If that’s “Mactopia,” we hope we’re going to “Mactophet” instead.

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  1. MacDailyNews Take: If that’s “Mactopia,” we hope we’re going to “Mactophet” instead.

    Okay, you guys owe me a new keyboard and monitor – I just did a classic spit take after reading that one!

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  2. I like bitching about Microsoft as much as the next guy … but … I sort of like Office. I genuinely like Excel, I’ll use Powerpoint when I have to and EVERYONE uses Word so I can always share documents. Given that convenience I’m not sure NeoOffice is miles better, even though it’s free. I’m not keen on maintaining free, and being alone.

  3. Any performance increases? I use excel extensively and I found that Excel 2004 is much slower compared to Excel from Office X.

    The same spreadsheet that took 40 seconds to calculate in Excel X takes over a minute and a half to calculate in Excel 2004.

  4. Man, doesn’t even fix the scrolling touchpad issue. What good is it?

    Jim, Mac users shouldn’t put up with crappy Java ports. We need to send a strong message that we won’t be interested in OpenOffice until there is a Cocoa/Aqua universal binary available.

    While the NeoOffice/J developers waste their time developing a sub-standard Java version, they could be putting their resources into developing the best version of OpenOffice for Mac OS X.

  5. Word seems to be loading MUCH faster (iBook G4 1GHz 512MB) it used to take about 25-30 seconds to load (first run). now it takes only about 5 seconds (first load) and only one bounce (second run). I’m happy.

  6. MS is the only true Exchange client that I know of. It’s too bad that Mail won’t do it (it just uses IMAP)…. Hell it’s too bad that Apple doesn’t make an Exchange replacement too. It’s also too bad that MS can’t even make Entourage compatible with all the different folder types on their own Exchange server anyways.

  7. What can I say; the Mac version of Excel is the easiest spreadsheet to use.

    Just wish they would sell it alone, because I like Apples’ Pages and Keynote better than the Microsoft counterparts, and Frontpage for web design is a joke.

  8. I love bashing Microsoft as much as the next guy, and I hope like the day is long that Apple releases an Office-killer, but NeoOffice just doesn’t compare.

    I am not saying NeoOffice is bad…it’s great in fact. And yes, Word is a train wreck. PowerPoint still looks like crap. But MSOffice overall is the most robust suite out there.

    But, when Apple finally gets some balls and takes it to MS with a true Apple Office, I will be there in a heartbeat. I use Keynote exclusively, and am waiting for Pages to be usable and a spreadsheet. Then my days of giving money to Microsoft will be over for good…

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