Microsoft releases Messenger for Mac 5.1

Microsoft today released Messenger for Mac 5.1 which, according to Microsoft, “makes it easy to take advantage of the full power of instant messaging. By using Messenger for Mac, you can see when your friends, family, and coworkers and associates at other companies are online and then communicate with them instantly.”

“Messenger for Mac offers two types of communication services — a personal account and a corporate account. A personal account works with the MSN® Messenger service on the Microsoft Passport Network. Contacts that you add to your personal account include friends and family members. A corporate account uses the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server service. Contacts that you add to your corporate account include coworkers who are in the same company as you and associates at other companies. Instant message conversations with other corporate account users are not limited to corporate users who have Messenger for Mac installed on their computers. With the federation features enabled on Live Communications Server, users can also have instant message conversations with users who have other instant messaging services, such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo Messenger, and iChat users who are signed in with AOL accounts,” Microsoft’s “Mactopia” website states.

More info and download links for various languages here.

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  1. If your company does not host a Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, this does not apply to you. If you do not know what that server app is, then your company probably doesn’t have one.

    Go to and set up accounts for people in your company, and install freeware to do the same thing. PSI for PC, Mac and Linux is a good one.

  2. Adium is great, but doesn’t support video, as the Windows version of Messenger does. Frankly I’m surprised the Redmond Retards didn’t release a video capable Mac version as well as a Universal Binary.

    Instead, get Mercury Messenger. It supports video on the MSN network and works beautifully on the Mac.

    MDN Word: “fear” as in Microsoft has fear of a Mac planet…

  3. Yes Get Adium, so much better than the Messenger crap and its still in beta!
    Hopefully Adium will be developed further and in time will support audio and video conferencing. in the mean time there is always <a >Mercury</a>

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