Microsoft practices the art of vapor-folding with ‘Origami’

“Thus far Microsoft has declined to comment on the aim of the Origami project. Instead it has used its Web site to tease curious viewers. The site, however, appears to tip the company’s hand slightly by proclaiming ‘Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP’ inside the HTML source code of one page,” Mary Jo Foley and John G. Spooner report for PC Magazine. “The new devices will be smaller than the smallest of the slate or convertible-style Tablet PCs that are available today. But they will be bigger than PocketPCs and smart phones and are unlikely to ship with keyboards. They are instead being designed with touch and a stylus as the preferred input mechanisms, sources familiar with the matter said.”

“Despite the fact that many others have failed at attempting to create small computers that run full versions of Windows, Microsoft appears to believe it can win thanks to improvements in processors and screens as well as its own internal efforts,” Foley and Spooner report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yawn. Oh, sorry, are we supposed to be excited about a Windows-based Apple Newton clone from Microsoft “partners” and some teaser website prominently featuring a look that’s strikingly reminiscent of the default Mac OS X Desktop background? Aren’t there enough portable BSOD’s already?

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  1. Oh goodie. Microsoft developing a crappy hardware platform to go with their crappy OS. Does anyone honestly believe they can pull this off? Based on their track record, it does not seem possible.

    Advertising Slogan: “Origami, 50,000 viruses to go…”

  2. I do like the idea, frankly, but I bet its implementation is premature. M$ has yet to demonstrate new technology that works without a hitch. In the long run, this may take off, but even then, it’s only following the smaller is better paradigm.

    What will the next really revolutionary thing be? My bet is it’s probably not this.

  3. At least Microsoft is still innovating. What has Apple given us except a bunch of new malware packages and an over-priced stereo? It is sad that Apple is nothing more than an expensive intel box running a proprietary operating system that has no software written for it. What good is a computer if there are no programs to run on it?

    There are vertical market applications in Windows that have never been dreamt of in OSX. There isn’t a company on the planet that would purchase super inflation priced computers that run no software to those of fast, efficient, and safe Windows XP.

  4. Folks…that ain’t no prototype in that article. That is a graphic generated in a software package like Solidworks or Wildfire. This is amazing M$ now has vapor prototypes.

  5. This Origami thing could possibly make the Apple iPod Leather Case announcement interesting!

    The PC world bafffles me at times. Apple does too, but overall what the PC worlds considers innovation is at minimum a year old.

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