Tesco preps Apple ‘store-within-a-store’ retail zones for 300 locations

“Tesco is to roll out standalone areas for Apple in 300 of its biggest stores by the end of the year, as it aims to become one of the biggest multimedia retailers,” BrandRepublic reports. “The retailer was trialling its first dedicated Apple zone [selling Apple Macintosh computers and printers as well as smaller items such as iPods] in its Milton Keynes store at the start of the year. It now hopes to emulate French supermarket Carrefour, a leading player in multimedia sales, on which it is understood to be modelling its tactics. It has similar dedicated areas and staff trained in multimedia and computing applications.”

BrandRepublic reports, “Tesco is initially extending the Apple trial to six stores as it prepares for a full roll-out.”

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Hugh” for the link.]

World of Apple has a photo of Tesco’s Milton Keynes Apple Store-Within-A-Store here.

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  1. Sounds promising. Keep growing the installed base to encourage more development. Before you know it, Adobe wil start developing for the Mac again.

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  2. Sir Terry Leahy (Tesco Chief Executive) is a shrewd businessman. Last time I checked, about £1 of every £3 spent on food in the UK goes to Tesco.

    There’s a HUGE Tesco extra not far from my house, well situated just by the motorway, I just hope they start stocking up soon!

  3. Tesco are phenomenally successful in virtually everything they do. Tesco are aiming to become one of the biggest multi-media retailers in the UK. Tesco have decided to sell Apple products.

    So long as Apple treats Tesco properly and makes stock available when they need it and in the quantities needed, I think it should work very well.

    If the supply chain proves to be unreliable, Tesco will not continue with Apple. It’s very important that Apple gets this right because if Tesco don’t like the way that it turns out, they’ll be turning to one of Apple’s rivals to stock shelves in those 300 stores instead. Tesco used to sell CRT iMacs at one stage, but stopped selling them. Let’s hope that this scheme works out better than the previous one.

  4. Let’s hope that Tesco has more informed sales people than Good Guys. I was looking to buy an iPod and the young girl in sales said, “Oh, we have lots more iPods over here,” directing me to numerous brands of MP3 players.

    She really didn’t know the difference.

  5. Pepé

    Unlike the stereotype, more and more Brits floss daily and use an electric toothbrush. There’s certainly nothing wrong with my teeth.

    Here, take a look

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