Child porn allegedly found on man’s Apple iPod

“It’s a case investigators say is unike any other. A San Marcos man is behind bars accused of having child pornography on his video I-Pod. Acting on a tip from the people at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, investigators with the Texas Attorney General’s Office looked into what Ron Guzman had on his I-Pod,” Lauren Jenkins reports for WOAI-TV (San Antonio).

“During their investigation nine files with pictures of children performing sex acts were found on his portable device. Investigators don’t believe Guzman actually took the pictures of the children on his I-Pod… No word on what charges he’ll face for the pictures on his I-Pod.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David” for the heads up.]

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  1. Eric. . . Think about what you just said. . . .are you saying you have that content, but you’re wise enough not to put it on your iPod?

    Actually, I think I know what you meant (at least I HOPE I know) but your post didn’t exactly set my mind at ease!

    Now, tell the truth, yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife? . . .

  2. oh wow, how did that happen? I didn’t know you could put whatever you wanted on your iPod. It must be Apples fault, please boycott anyone who sells products that allow people to do that. Child porn is serious and we need to protect our kids.

  3. Beryllium,

    So, let me see if I have this straight … your only aversion to putting kiddie porn on your iPod is that you might face the “self-righteous prudery” of others? You don’t see anything inherently wrong with it otherwise?

    Wow, I guess that makes me a self-rightous prude.

  4. There is no story here… move along.

    Some whacko… yes whacko… because you have to be messed up to dig kiddie porn…. gets busted and happens to be using an iPod. Would this be an issue if he was using a Palm? or an Epson P1000 Photo Viewer? No… it would not… but since the iPod is a big name product… it will take the hit by name. I really doubt that Apple condones this use of the iPod. Any product can be hateful, harmful, or deadly if used incorrectly. This is the exact reason that lawyers are rolling in the dough… and we have dumb warnings on coffee mugs stating that the coffee may be hot!! Really? This coffee could be hot?

    So, I guess we need a warning that it is illegal to posses child pornography in many (if not all) US States… you know… kind of like it says “Don’t steal music” on the iPod now. Tell people the obvious… we can nit pick the smallest detail… but the glaring obvious eludes us.

    The Dude abides.

  5. Wow.

    Apple’s fault for creating a device that can be misused for disgusting purposes? “Whatever”, give up your computer, TV, books, magazines, and brain. Give up God, too, since it is He who created it for you.

    Islan hates the US because some of it’s citizen’s are complete degenerates. Like there are plenty enough regardless of religion?


    Would this have been a story if it were on a Motorola RAZR? Palm Pilot? Digital camera?

    Yes, because of crime, not because of the platform. I agree with The Dude. Move along…

  6. “Investigators don’t believe Guzman actually took the pictures of the children on his I-Pod…”

    Gee what insight, seeing how iPod’s don’t usually come with cameras…

    The Dude:
    “Would this be an issue if he was using a Palm?”
    Agreed, no it wouldn’t be an issue. What if he had photos in his car, would the headline be “Child Porn Found in Man’s Toyota Camry?”

    It’s a sick act, regardless of the medium or tools.

    “Makes me question that whole cruel and unusual punishment thing some times.”

    Indeed. Anyone who produces, traffics, or touches this shit needs to be permanently removed from society.

  7. I hope this doesn’t result in an “iPod is evil” backlash like we had the “Internet is evil” a few years ago.

    Humanity has some very sick people amongst it’s number, regardless of the technology. The thought of this man showing his friends what’s on his iPod makes my skin crawl.

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