Analyst: Apple needs to be judicious about special media events

“Analysts for Merrill Lynch are the latest to express a lack of fanfare over Apple Computer’s new product introductions and are unconvinced that the company’s announcements were substantial enough to merit an invitational media event,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider. “Overall, the analyst was not overly impressed with the company’s new products, of which many believe combined for a lackluster media event. ‘We wonder if the announcements were substantial enough to merit an invitational media event and suspect Apple needs to be judicious if it expects to continue to convert journalists into marketing instruments with its aura of secrecy,’ Farmer wrote.”

Full article here.

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  1. As far as media events go, this was one of the least exciting that Apple has had in quite some time. However, Apple isn’t really to blame for this, the media/rumor sites are. They were the ones that blew the expectations for yesterday’s product announcements way out of proportion ahead of time, not Apple themselves.

  2. Well… I think the Hi-Fi looks great and I’d buy one tomorrow if I hadn’t just ponied up for an Altec Lansing (which is not bad at all, btw).

    I’ll just have to wait for that new house with those acres of free space waiting to be filled with droolerizing stuff… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I think this analyst makes a good point. If you dissappoint reporters enough times, they’re going to think twice before attending the next special event. But then again, maybe the next one will be the BIG one. I think Apple still has a few credits left with the media, but they better spend them wisely.

    The Intel transition is going to need 5 things to reach critical mass:
    1. All Macs shipping with Intel chips inside (including iBook, PowerMac and 12″/17″ PowerBook replacements).
    2. Adobe Creative Suite 3 Universal Binary shipping.
    3. Microsoft Office Universal Binary shipping.
    4. All current Apple software shipping as Universal Binaries (including Apple Remote Desktop please!)
    5. Reliable Virtual Machine environment to run Windows XP or Linux within Mac OS X.

    Once all of the above has happened, the transition will be behind us and Apple can focus on taking back some serious market share! Number 5 will probably be the first to occur, and is also the least important part of the transition.

    This is going to be a great year to be a Mac user!

  4. Ok, maybe I’m wrong, but this WAS NOT AN INTERNATIONAL MEDIA EVENT.

    It was a small, private, invite-only presentation of a few new products Apple created. It wasn’t a huge big to-do with a live webcast and thousands of spectators in the audience.

    Christ, get off their backs. They announce some new products and the whole blogosphere freaks out, crying that this announcement wasn’t enough and it was such a let down compared to all the rumours flying around.

    Well I didn’t find this presentation disappointing. I remained skeptical to all the rumours and tried to keep an open mind about what they’d announce.

    The moral of the story is: If you’re disappointed, it’s your own fault.

  5. Hey! Wasn’t Steve Jobs supposed to personally deliver a free Mac mini to everyone who visited a website and posted a comment about Apple’s media event yesterday? He hasn’t shown up to my office yet!


  6. As opposed to M$? Who seem to make more announcements about products/services that either don’t see the-light-of-day or get discontinued.

    So far, most of Steve’s announcements have been on the mark… even though they seem to be realized when you actually get the product in your hand (think GarageBand). I remember when GarageBand was released… sounded cool, but no biggie… until I got it home and checked it out. Ah, but I was amazed on three stages… the ease of use and sequencing simplicity… then when I plugged in an analogue musical instrument into it… then, finally when I purchased an M-Audio keyboard. Wooo whooo.

    I’ll reserve my judgement until I use these products… I have high expectations, being both a graphic designer and musician.

    IMHO Jb

  7. Analysts were not invited to the media event. It’s not Apple’s fault that ML and other Wall Street firms make overstated claims. Perhaps thay should be directed their frustration towards sites like rather than towards Apple.

    Still, hedging stock based on “rumors” posted on online sites would still meet criteria for insider trading, based on the SEC’s definition.

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