Apple event rumors center around movies

“Apple’s mysterious summons to Cupertino tomorrow has the rumor mill watching the maker of Macs and iPods closely. The smart money is on movies,” Owen Thomas writes for Business 2.0. “Apple has issued a vaguely worded invitation to reporters and analysts, to ‘come see some fun new products’ at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters on Tuesday, February 28. And, not surprisingly, the missive has kicked up a whirlwind of rumors What could Apple CEO Steve Jobs have up his sleeve this time? The Apple rumor mill has been wrong before, but it is a reliable indicator of the products people are hoping for. And right now, the rumors center around movies.”

Thomas writes, “Here’s how Apple might go Hollywood on Tuesday: a true video iPod, an Intel Mac mini, a widescreen iBook, [and/or] an iTunes Movie Store… Summoning Silicon Valley’s press corps down to Cupertino on short notice is a dramatic gesture suggesting that Jobs is preparing to make a big statement. With next-generation video as hot as it is right now, this would be a prime time for him seize the spotlight.”

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  1. Steve is going to announce a Death Match between himself and Bill Gates for control of the world! My money is on Steve.

    No. I suppose it will be an intel MiniMac, and perhaps this “asteroid” thing that we keep hearing about.

  2. it takes too long to DL a movie and who wants to sit in front of a computer to watch it? it’s something else: like a redesigned shuffle.

    If i remember correctly, last year, Apple split the engineering team into 2: 1 to focus on ipods and the other for computers. We’ve yet to see something big from the ipod group other than the nano.

  3. “it takes too long to DL a movie and who wants to sit in front of a computer to watch it? “

    It does take too long to DL a movie but i think you make a huge asumption when you think they expect us to sit in front of our computers and watch it.

  4. 1- QuickTime Movie Store. Maybe not tomorrow, but it’s coming.

    2- Apple hired the former head of X-Box Live last year. Maybe the new Data Center has something to do with a replacement of the reviled .Mac service. Imagine a Mac Live service with enhanced versions of the current features of .Mac, plus online gaming and all the rest.

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